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Best Lightsaber Crystal
The Crystal Caves on Dantooine hold your very own Force Crystal. It has your name and you can keep getting Kreia to "tune" it to yourself throughout the game. It will also improve over time.
Cheat Codes
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Defeating Bosses
If you are having problems defeating a Boss, simply enter the "Gameplay" settings and lower the difficulty to "Easy" for the duration of the battle.
Defeating Mining Robots On Peragus
On Peragus, you will have to deal with a lot of out of control mining robots in several areas. An easy way to defeat them is with the Plasma Tourch. It has a low damage rate against normal enemies, but its fine against robots, locked containers, locked doors, and even busted doors. Make sure you also keep this weapon and never sell it, as it will be useful in many areas of the game. Also, you will not get many credits for selling it.
Distraction And Kill On Telos
When you crash land on the surface of Telos, you will encounter a lot of people in a small section of an area with buildings. An easy way to kill everyone is to make sure your party is behind you as you fight an enemy. When it gets to you and one other person, your party will just let you go one-on-one with the person while they fire at some other group. Make sure you take a slightly longer than needed to fight this person. Then, when you are done, attack the group that your party was firing at. Once you do this, your party usually is all dead except for you. You will have to fight what remains of the group solo. Normally, Atton Rand gets up with a low amount of health and starts shooting at another enemy. Once you are done with the group you are fighting at the moment, go to the one that Atton is shooting at. Keep repeating this process.
Force Persuasion
If your Force Persuasion is fully aligned with the Light side, you will get a +3 to your Wisdom bonus. If it is fully aligned with the Dark side, you will get a +3 to your Strength bonus.
Force Scream
A very good Force power that has seems to work well on a large scale of enemies is Force Scream and all its other stages. It is especially useful when you are at level 10 to 14, because your enemies are usually weak around that stage of the game, and this power is strong. On Telos, when you fight the mercenaries that protect the Czerka satellite, three or four Force screams (or its other stages) will most likely kill one group at a time.
Fuel For Telos On Nar Shadda
After Peragus is destroyed, Telos has no supply of fuel. On Nar Shadda, once you find Vanda the Hutt, ask him what he wants for Goto. You can tell him "Supply Telos with fuel". Because he runs a fuel company, he will supply you with it. The problem is you must get Goto for him. Later, Goto will end up in your party.
Grey Alignment
Do not be a "Grey" Jedi. Leaving your connection to the Force in the neutral area is not cost effective for gaining Force powers. The higher you are to the Light, the better the chance of getting two points to use instead of one. This also works with the Dark side. Jedi Masters also learn powers faster than the Watchmen or Bladesmaster.
Handmaiden's Robe
After you duel with Handmaiden, she is not wearing anything. Put some clothes on yourself then ask her to put some clothes on. The robes she puts on are valuable. You can repeat this process as many times as you desired and sell the extra robes.
Note: Only Handmaiden can wear these robes.
Lightsaber Construction
Bao-Dur is an ugly character that follows you around and calls you "General". He is also very skilled at constructing weapons, fixing general robotics, and ship repairs. He will tell you that if you get the parts needed, he will make a lightsaber for you. The following items can be found on these planets. On Dantooine, a salvager near the Jedi Enclave will have all but one part (lens) you will need, at a nifty price. She also has some color crystals. On Dxun, after you kill some Cannoks in the jungles, check their remains. One has the lens needed for the lightsaber. They are found near the Mandalorian ruins entrance, or by the Mandalorian cache. Also, you cannot get your old lightsaber from Arista. You must to collect components and bring them to Bao-Dur, or you can complete a major quest. A lightsaber hilt shell can be obtained at Citadel Station, from the Ithorian Leader. Jarron will sell you a refracting lens it if you save him. You can buy colored crystals. A Silver Crystal is located at the Rodian Merchant on Nar Shadaa, but you must pick her over the other merchant. Additionally, you can get a lightsaber part from Visa when you find her on the ship. You have to fight her, then see Bao-Dur.
Lightsaber Rewards
If you assist the refugees by getting the Exchange to ease up, Hussef will give you a lightsaber. Also, Master Vrook on Dantooine will give you his lightsaber for saving Khoonda.
Lose Starport Visa Without Payment On Onderon
When on Onderon, you will get a Starport Visa from a Twi'lek bounty hunter. You can get this wiped for 500 credits by a Twi'lek in the cantina. If you go to the human woman in the cantina by the name of Sakare, she will offer you money, a weapon, or a crystal for the wiped Starport Visa. If you select "I'll be going now" instead of choosing payment, you will give her the visa and have no chance for payment.
Opening Doors On Telos - Military Base
To open the doors on Telos, first get the codes to the ship. They are found in a cache near some dead robots. Go to the small white building on the right after you find the codes. There will be a computer terminal. Use the command: [Computer] Unlock Bay Door. After you open the doors, you must fight a giant robot. To defeat the robot, use the Plasma Torch while it is distracted by your party members. Make sure you use a lot of Medpacks on yourself. If you believe your character is going to die, switch the weapon to someone else in your party. Another way to defeat the robot is to throw frag or any grenades at it first, then use a double bladed sword while its back is turned. This may take several strikes of three to eight.
Recommended Lightsaber Form
Use the Juan Lightsaber Form to do many punches and kicks while being vulnerable to Force powers.
When you first get Bao-Dur after you leave Citadel Station, he can make lots of shields (an infinite amount for a limited duration). Keep asking him for shields. You will get Energy, Mandalorian Melee, and Echani types one once in awhile. This is useful for gaining credits. However, after Bao-Dur asks you about making a lightsaber and tells you to collect the parts, you can no longer ask him to produce shields.
Silver Lightsaber Crystal On Nar Shaddaa
You can buy a silver lightsaber crystal from Geeda on Nar Shaddaa.
Note: You may have to make the other merchant leave Nar Shaddaa to do this.
Using Lightsaber Crystals Restricted To The Other Alignment
If you have a powerful crystal that is restricted to the Dark side while you are on the Light side (or vice versa), put a crystal that is restricted to the opposite alignment in the other slot. They will cancel each other out.

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