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Alternate Costume
At the character selection screen, highlight a fighter and press Guard.
Alternate Introduction Screen
Successfully complete all Weapon Master missions. Also unlock every mode, weapon, and character to hear Sophitia say "Soul Calibur 2" at the "Press Start" screen. Additionally, unlock everything (all characters, modes, artworks, costumes, weapons, etc.) to hear Voldo breathing strangely at the "Press Start".
Alternate Stages
Some of the stages that can be unlocked in weapon master mode have alternates. To choose an alternate, highlight the desired stage and press Right or Left. Not all stages have alternates, and some have more than one.
Arcade Version Opening
Play the game in extra time attack mode on the extreme difficulty setting four times to unlock the arcade version opening.
Character Profiles
Successfully complete arcade mode with a character to unlock their profile.
Character Statements
At the versus screen, press any button for one of four different optional character statements before the match.
Collection Data List
NumberCharacter or titleType
2Seung MinaSelectable
9RaphealCharacter profile
10RaphealWeapons demonstration
11RaphealNew costume
12TalimCharacter profile
13TalimWeapons demonstration
14TalimNew costume
15YunsungCharacter profile
16YunsungWeapons demonstration
17CassandraCharacter profile
18CassandraCharacter profile
19CassandraWeapons demonstration
20MitsurugiCharacter profile
21MitsurugiWeapons demonstration
22MitsurugiNew costume
23TakiCharacter profile
24TakiWeapons demonstration
25TakiNew costume
26VoldoCharacter profile
27VoldoWeapons demonstration
28VoldoNew costume
29NightmareCharacter profile
30NightmareWeapons demonstration
31NightmareNew costume
32AstarothCharacter profile
33AstarothWeapons demonstration
34AstarothNew costume
35IvyCharacter profile
36IvyWeapons demonstration
37IvyNew costume
38KilikCharacter profile
39KilikWeapons demonstration
40XianghuaCharacter profile
41XianghuaWeapons demonstration
42XianghuaNew costume
43MaxiCharacter profile
44MaxiWeapons demonstration
45Necrid Character profile
46NecridWeapons demonstration
47SpawnCharacter profile
48SpawnWeapons demonstration
49SophitiaCharacter profile
50SophitiaWeapons demonstration
51SophitiaNew costume
52Seung MinaCharacter profile
53Seung MinaWeapons demonstration
54Seung MinaNew costume
55YoshimitsuCharacter profile
56YoshimitsuWeapons demonstration
57CharadeCharacter profile
58CharadeWeapons demonstration
59CervantesCharacter profile
60CervantesWeapons demonstration
61Extra ArcadeMode
62Extra VS Battle Mode
63Extra Time Attack (Standard)Mode
64Extra Time Attack (Alternative)Mode
65Extra Time Attack (Extreme)Mode
66Extra Survival (Standard)Mode
67Extra Survival (Death Match)Mode
68Extra Survival (No Recovery)Mode
69Extra Team BattleMode
70Extra VS Team BattleMode
71Extra PracticeMode
72Art Gallery (Hi-Res)Available for viewing
73Art Gallery (Illustrations)Available for viewing
74Art Gallery (Special)Available for viewing
75Battle TheaterAvailable for viewing
76Weapon GalleryAvailable for viewing
77Weapon Master OpeningAvailable for viewing
78Weapon Master EndingAvailable for viewing
79Opening (Home Ver.)Available for viewing
80Opening (Arcade Ver.)Available for viewing
81Ending (Arcade Ver.)Available for viewing
82Hwangseo Palace/Phoenix CourtSelectable
83Lakeside ColiseumSelectable
84Money Pit/Top TierSelectable
85Egyptian CryptSelectable
Control Loading Screen
At the vs. screen while the stage is loading, press L or R to make the characters speak.
Demo Theater And Character Bios
Successfully complete arcade mode or extra arcade mode with any character to unlock the demo theater and character bios.
Easy Money
After successfully completing chapter 1, return to the training area (the first mission) and complete training again. Almost every time, you will get between 300 to 500 experience points, and between 300 and 600 gold. Also, go to the gambling fight with the bonus for each hit landed on the opponent. Additionally, go to the level where you must face four people and get a bonus. This will be stated at the top where the article is located. Land as many hits as possible (Talim is recommended). You will receive about 28,000 gold.
Easy Ring Outs
Get your opponent to the edge of the ring with Nightmere. Do a back and vertical slash. Your opponent will fly into the air and fall out of the ring.
Extra Arcade Mode
Successfully complete arcade mode with any character to unlock extra arcade mode.
Extra Practice Mode
Successfully complete weapon master mode with any character to unlock extra practice mode.
Extra Survival Mode
Successfully complete survival mode with at least ten wins to unlock extra survival mode.
Extra Vs. Mode
Successfully complete extra arcade mode with any character to unlock extra vs. mode.
Extra Vs. Team Battle Mode
Successfully complete extra team battle mode to unlock extra vs. team battle mode.
Higher Ranking Titles
Rankings are based on experience in edge master mode. A good level to earn fast experience is Er Rai. It is in extra chapter 2 (Cepheus). For example, 500,000 experience earns you level 77, Grand Edgemaster Of The Basilisk.
Home Version Opening
Play the game in extra survival mode with the no recovery setting four times to unlock the home version opening.
Martial Art Demonstration Mode
In weapon master mode, complete the southern-most mission of chapter 3. When complete, a road will form to the south, into a "subchapter." The shop in this area sells all of the character weapon demonstrations.
Play As Assassin
To unlock Assassin, you must already have weapon master mode completed once. In chapter 8, complete the stage "Crystal Mine", in both the extra and normal missions. This will open up a path to sub-chapter 3. The second mission in sub-chapter 3 is called "Castle Of The Damned". Since you hav already completed the game once, you will have an extra mission for "Castle Of The Damned", in which your opponents are faster. You must defeat the enemies, who are (in this order): Voldo, Ivy, Yoshimitsu, Taki, and Assassin. Complete the level to unlock Assassin. He is available in all two player modes except for arcade and extra arcade. He is also available in practice and extra practice modes. Assassin has six costumes to choose from, and some of the best combo and juggling moves in the game.
Play As Berserker
Successfully complete all 10 chapters, then replay sub chapter 1. This should be a dungeon where you fight lots of berserkers. Defeat the Boss to unlock Berserker in all modes except weapon master mode.
Play As Cervantes
In weapon master mode, complete chapter 3. The last area in chapter 3 (the eastern-most mission) will occur on the Pirate Ship level, and the last character fought will be Cervantes. When he is defeated, he will become playable in all modes.
Play As Charade
In weapon master mode, complete chapter 2. The first mission in chapter 3 (western-most mission) will have you fighting Charade. You can only do a ring out to win this match. Defeating Charade will unlock him/her/it in all modes. Charade plays much like Edge Master/Inferno.
Play As Lizardman
Successfully complete sub-chapter 2 in weapon master mode. Lizardman will only be available in two player team battle mode, versus mode, extra versus mode, and basically any mode that involves two players. The only single player mode he is in is practice mode. Lizardman does not have a move list, but most of his grapple moves are similar to Nightmare's.
Play As Seung Mina
In weapon master mode, get to chapter 6. Near the middle of the chapter, there will be a palace icon. This fight will be against Seung Mina. Defeating her will unlock her in all modes.
Play As Sophitia
In weapon master mode, complete chapter 4. The final area (eastern-most) will be a dungeon, with the last Boss being Sophitia. Defeating her to unlock her in all modes.
Play As Yoshimitsu
In weapon master mode, complete chapter 2. The last area in chapter 2 (eastern-most mission) is a dungeon area. The final "Boss" of the dungeon is Yoshimitsu. Defeating him will unlock him in all modes.
Regaining Health
When you are in a dungeon and do not regain full health back after a battle, just go to the first square in it and fight there. You will start at full health again.
Slow-motion Replay With Camera Control
During a replay, press R and control the camera by pressing the Analog-stick.
Soul Calibur Weapons
Clear all of sub-chapter 4, Mt. Procyon, to unlock extra chapter 2 (Cephues). You will now be able to buy all Soul Calibur weapons, ending arcade version costumes for Voldo,Taki, Talim, Seung Mina, Cassandra, and Sophitia.
Soul Edge Complete Weapons
To buy soul edge complete weapons, for any weapon master mode player, complete both the regular and extra missions at the Ancient Amphitheater in chapter 9. This unlocks the path to Northern Algol. Complete both missions there. The road to extra chapter 1 is unlocked after that. If you shop at this area, you will have everyone's Soul Edge (Complete) weapons to choose from.
Note: This was done after completing every previous regular missions and all extra missions up to this chapter in weapon master mode.
Sub-chapter 2
To unlock sub-chapter 2, completely clear chapter 4, reach level 72, then replay a chapter 4 mission.
Select arcade mode. After you choose your character; press A or B while the stage loads to hear your character taunt the second player.
Turn Jumps
After selecting a character from the profile menu, press L and R to have that person hop in circles.
Voice Actor Names
After unlocking a character's profile in arcade or extra arcade, enter the characters' profile. When you are at his/her profile, select "Voice". Once in this new menu, press L. A small box just above the menu will appear for a few seconds, giving the name of the actor/actress who played the voice of the character.

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