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Gameshark Worms World Party Hacks
Have Air StrikeD014E9EC FFFF
8014E97C 0063
Have Aqua SheepD014E9EC FFFF
8014E974 0063
Have ArmageddonD014E9EC FFFF
8014E9E4 0063
Have Banana BombD014E9EC FFFF
8014E934 0063
Have BatD014E9EC FFFF
8014E998 0063
Have Battle AxeD014E9EC FFFF
8014E938 0063
Have BazookaD014E9EC FFFF
8014E918 0063
Have BlowTorchD014E9EC FFFF
8014E98C 0063
Have BungeeD014E9EC FFFF
8014E9A4 0063
Have Carpet BombD014E9EC FFFF
8014E9D0 0063
Have Cluster BombD014E9EC FFFF
8014E930 0063
Have DonkeyD014E9EC FFFF
8014E9DC 0063
Have Dragon BallD014E9EC FFFF
8014E954 0063
Have Earth QuakeD014E9EC FFFF
8014E93C 0063
Have Fast WalkD014E9EC FFFF
8014EA04 000F
D014EA04 000F
8014EA06 0000
Have Fire PunchD014E9EC FFFF
8014E950 0063
Have FreezeD014E9EC FFFF
8014E9F4 0063
D014E9F4 0063
8014E9F6 0000

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