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Worms Armageddon Cheats


Cheat Mode
Complete one of the following goals to unlock the corresponding feature, which may be enabled at the weapons or game options screen:

Worms bleed when shotEarn gold medal in Basic Training mode
Aqua sheepEarn gold medal in Super Sheep Racing training mode
Longbow power-upEarn gold medal in Euthanasia training mode
Shotgun power-upEarn gold medal in Rifle Range training mode
Grenade power-upEarn gold medal in Artillery Range training mode
All weapon crates have sheepEarn gold medal in Crazy Crates training mode
InvincibilityEarn an Elite rank in Deathmatch mode
Laser sightComplete mission 4
JetpackComplete mission 8
Fast walkComplete mission 13
Invisibility in net gamesComplete mission 16
Low gravityComplete mission 20
Indestructible landscapeComplete mission 25
Super Banana Bomb power-upComplete mission 33
Full Wormage game optionsGold medal and Elite rank in all

Gameshark Worms Armageddon Hacks
Infinite Round Time8019B440 7740
8019B442 001B
Indestructable Team P18014AAA8 0064
8014AB44 0064
8014ABE0 0064
8014AC7C 0064
Indestructable Team P28014AF28 0064
8014AD54 0064
8014ADF0 0064
8014AE8C 0064
Indestructable Team P38014B000 0064
8014B09C 0064
8014B138 0064
8014B1D4 0064
Indestructable Team P48014B2AC 0064
8014B348 0064
8014B3E4 0064
8014B480 0064
Rig Turn Timer
(GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)
D219B444 1027
8019B448 1027

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