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Rapier Ship
Highlight "One Player" on the main menu. Then, hold R2 + L2 + Left + Start + Select and press X to select the new option. The Rapier ship will now be available.
Secret Track
Highlight "One Player" on the main menu. Then, hold R1 + L1 + Right + Start + Circle + Square and press X to select the new option. A secret track called Firestar will now be available at the bottom of the track list.
Turbo Start
Begin to accelerate when the orange light appears, when the announcer says "One" place the red bar on the second line from the end and leave it there.

Gameshark Wipeout Hacks
Infinite Race Re-Starts8003AD54 0000
Infinite Shields on Pick-Up80028CA0 0000
Infinite Mines on Pick-Up80028BC0 0000
Infinite Rockets on Pick-Up80028B0C 0000
Infinite Missiles on Pick-Up80028B58 0000
Infinite Shockwaves on Pick-Up80028C18 0000
Infinite Turbos on Pick-Up80028D7C 0000
Infinite Turbos Level 1C013C5BA FF00
8013C5BA FF09
Infinite Turbos Level 2C0123B0E FF00
80123B0E FF09
Infinite Turbos Level 3C011E7B2 FF00
8011E7B2 FF09
Infinite Turbos Level 4C01F7014 FF00
801F7014 FF09
Enable Rapier ModeD01F701A 0001
801F701A 0101
Enable Rapier LevelsD01F701A 0001
801F7046 0101

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