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Demo Level
Enter Square, X, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Circle, X as a password.
Enter X, Square, X, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Circle, X as a password.
Mission Passwords
NORAD Missions
2Czech RepublicOXO OXX OXO
3Russian UralsXXO XXX XOO
4Cairo, EgyptOSX OOT OXS
5CambodiaTXO OXX STO
6Swiss AlpsSOO SOX XOX
8Channel IslandsOOX SST SSO
9GrenadinesSSO TOT XTT
10Louisiana BayouXTO SOO OXS
11China, near BeijingOST XST TTS
12Saudi ArabiaTSO XTO OXS
13Arctic CircleSST STS TXT
14New York CityXXO TXT SXS
15Omaha desertOSO XSX TOX
W.O.P.R. Missions
2Florida KeysOXO OXO XXO
3Irian JayaSTX TXO SXT
4New EnglandXTO XXO OOT
6BrusselsXOX TTS OXT
7South AfricaTTX XSS XXO
10Bering StraitXOS TOX SXT
11KremlinSOX TST SOO
12PolynesiaXOT XOS XOS
14Washington D.C.OTO OTS XTS

    O: Circle
    S: Square
    T: Triangle
    X: X
View FMV Sequences
Before the title screen appears, hold R2 and continuously tap Start.
W.O.P.R. Level Select
Select two player W.O.P.R. cooperation mode. Then, highlight level two and enter Circle, X, Circle, Circle, X, Circle, X, X. Circle as a password. Now return to the main menu and select single player W.O.P.R. mode.

Gameshark War Games: Defcon 1 Hacks
Infinite Time800A9780 FFFF
Unlock All Levels (NORAD)800AA814 0101
800AA816 0101
800AA818 0101
800AA81A 0101
800AA81C 0101
800AA81E 0101
800AA820 0101
Unlock All Levels (W.O.P.R.)800AA844 0101
800AA846 0101
800AA848 0101
800AA84A 0101
800AA84C 0101
800AA84E 0101
800AA850 0101
Infinite Armor for All Units800EF9D4 2180
800EFA84 2180
800EFB34 2180
800EFBE4 2180
800EFC94 2180
800EFD44 2180
800EFDF4 2180
800EFEA4 2180
Inifinite Ammo All Units800EFA3C 012C
800EFAEC 012C
800EFB9C 012C
800EFC4C 012C
800EFCFC 012C
800EFDAC 012C
800EFE5C 012C
800EFF0C 012C
Infinite Shield/Adrenaline Unit 1800EF9AA 3401
800EFA54 0AB9
800EFA56 0AB9
Infinite Shield/Adrenaline Unit 2800EFA5A 3401
800EFB04 0AB9
800EFB06 0AB9
Infinite Shield/Adrenaline Unit 3800EFB0A 3401
800EFBB4 0AB9
800EFBB6 0AB9
Infinite Shield/Adrenaline Unit 4800EFBBA 3401
800EFC64 0AB9
800EFC66 0AB9
Infinite Shield/Adrenaline Unit 5800EFC6A 3401
800EFD14 0AB9
800EFD16 0AB9
Infinite Shield/Adrenaline Unit 6800EFD1A 3401
800EFDC4 0AB9
800EFDC6 0AB9
Infinite Shield/Adrenaline Unit 7800EFDCA 3401
800EFE74 0AB9
800EFE76 0AB9
Infinite Shield/Adrenaline Unit 8800EFE7A 3401
800EFF24 0AB9
800EFF26 0AB9
Select Unit 1 Hold L2 + TriangleD00AB8B0 1100
800A9A7C 0000
Select Unit 2 Hold L2 + CircleD00AB8B0 2100
800A9A7C 0001
Select Unit 3 Hold L2 + XD00AB8B0 4100
800A9A7C 0002
Select Unit 4 Hold L2 + RightD00AB8B0 0120
800A9A7C 0003
Select Unit 5 Hold L2 + LeftD00AB8B0 0180
800A9A7C 0004
Select Unit 6 Hold R2 + TriangleD00AB8B0 1200
800A9A7C 0005
Select Unit 7 Hold R2 + CircleD00AB8B0 2200
800A9A7C 0006
Select Unit 8 Hold R2 + XD00AB8B0 4200
800A9A7C 0006

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