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Play As Bosses
Beat all characters of a gang in challenge mode. Then defeat the gang leader Boss that appears and save the game. Now the Boss character will become selecteable.
Note: There are a total of four Bosses.

Gameshark Vs. Hacks
Infinite Health P1801435A4 012C
No Health P1801435A4 0000
Infinite Health P280144A1C 012C
No Health P280144A1C 0000
Freeze Timer8014F688 0DFA
Bosses Menu Activator Code801F1C08 0005
Player 1 Boss Activator Codes
Eric O801FCC94 0000
Joel801FCC96 0000
Neige801FCC98 0000
Hendrickson801FCC9A 0000
Player 2 Boss Activator Codes
Eric O801FCCBC 0000
Joel801FCCBE 0000
Neige801FCCC0 0000
Hendrickson801FCCC2 0000

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