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Gameshark Vegas Games 2000 Hacks
P1 Max Cash800A3768 E0FF
800A376A 05F5
P1 No Cash800A3768 0000
800A376A 0000
P2 Max Cash800A3794 E0FF
800A3796 05F5
P2 No Cash800A3794 0000
800A3796 0000
P3 Max Cash800A37C0 E0FF
800A37C2 05F5
P3 No Cash800A37C0 0000
800A37C2 0000
P4 Max Cash800A37EC E0FF
800A37EE 05F5
P4 No Cash800A37EC 0000
800A37EE 0000
P5 Max Cash800A3818 E0FF
800A381A 05F5
P5 No Cash800A3818 0000
800A381A 0000
P6 Max Cash800A3844 E0FF
800A3846 05F5
P6 No Cash800A3844 0000
800A3846 0000
P7 Max Cash800A3870 E0FF
800A3872 05F5
P7 No Cash800A3870 0000
800A3872 0000
P8 Max Cash800A389C E0FF
800A389E 05F5
P8 No Cash800A389C 0000
800A389E 0000

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