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At the "Start Up Engine" loading screen, hold L1 + R2 + Select + Triangle.

Gameshark Vanark Hacks
Infinite Continues30015C60 0005
Infinite Time80015C22 00B3
Training Mission Codes
Infinite Health301F6C7E 00C8
Infinite BoostD01DBA2C FFFF
301DBA30 00C8
1st Mission Codes
Infinite Health301F141E 00C8
Infinite BoostD01D7DCC 6BFF
301D7DD0 00C8
No Health EnemyD01EF980 0000
301EF984 0000
2nd Mission Codes
Infinite Health301F38B6 00C8
Infinite BoostD01DA26C 77DC
301DA270 00C8
No Health EnemyD01F1E18 0000
301F1E1C 0000
3rd Mission Codes
Infinite Health301F3A9E 00C8
Infinite BoostD01DA2AC 3EDF
301DA2B0 00C8
4th Mission Codes
Infinite Health301F008E 00C8
Infinite BoostD01D6A44 FFFF
301D6A48 00C8
5th Mission Codes
Infinite Health300F6B46 00C8
Infinite BoostD00DBE4C 8000
300DBE50 00C8
6th Mission Codes
Infinite Health300E2E2E 00C8
Infinite BoostD00C812C 0000
300C8130 00C8
7th Mission Codes
Infinite Health300E4DCE 00C8
Infinite BoostD00CB17C 0000
300CB180 00C8

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