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All Weapon Pick-ups Are Homing Missiles
Enter Start, R1, L1, Start, Start as a password.
All Weapon Pick-ups Are Napalms
Enter Start, Start, L1, L1, L1 as a password.
All Weapon Pick-ups Are Power Missiles
Enter Start, L1, Start, L1, Start as a password.
All Weapon Pick-ups Are Remote Bombs
Enter L1, R1, Start, Start, L1 as a password.
Alone In Deathmatch Mode
Enter X, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle as a password.
Blimp Bonuses
After falling to the bottom level of the blimp, destroy the boxes that are stacked on the ground. Hidden weapons and health icons are hidden inside.
Bonus Audio
Play track two of the game disc in an audio CD player to hear music and voiceovers from the game.
CPU Cars Ignore Health Pick-ups
Enter Down, L1, Down, Start, Triangle as a password.
Calypso's Blimp
All of the walls that are marked "THIS SECTION IS CLOSED" on the lower level of the blimp can be destroyed to open up more of the level. Keep following the hallway to find many power-ups, a full health, a lightning weapon, and a warp point.
Club Kid's House Level
Enter Left, Left, Left, Square, Square as a password. Then, select deathmatch mode, choose any level and vehicle to begin at Club Kid's House bonus level.
Demo Level
Enter Up, Up, Up, Left, Left as a password. Then, select deathmatch mode, choose any level and vehicle to begin at the Demo level shown in the background at the main menu.
Enable Memory Card
Enter Start, Start, Start, Start, Start as a password. Then, configurate your settings and begin a game. Before the game begins, you will be prompted to save.
Enhanced Weapons
Enter R1, R1, L1, L1, L1 as a password.
Extinguish Fires
Press Turbo if your car is on fire to burn it out.

Finding Eve
Go to the top of the pyramid in the Egypt level.
Finding Radar
Get to the highest level in Tokyo. Jump off the ramp, then jump off the next ram.
Finding The Spaceship
In the Hangar 18 level, destroy the bottom blue light in the corner of one of the alcoves to find a teleporter. Use it to transport to an alien museum with a UFO. Once there, destroy the glass.
Freeze Missiles
Enter Triangle, Up, Circle, Right, Start as a password to adds 99 freeze missiles to the inventory. They appear to be identical to the power missile, except for the "freeze" caption.
Get Eight Specials
In the Hanger 18 level, destroy all four control panels and enter the warp inside the UFO. Wait on top of the catwalk structure until a UFO begins to fly around. Shoot it down to get eight specials.
Giant Ricochet Bombs
Enter Left, Right, Left, Right, Up as a password.
God Mode
Enter L1, Square, X, R1, Start as a password.
Homing Rain Missiles
Enter Up, Down, Up, Down, Up as a password.
Icy Surfaces
Enter Up, Up, X, X, Up as a password.
Increase Difficulty
Enter L1, R1, L1, R1, R1 as a password for all CPU cars to relentlessly attack player cars.
Infinite Ammunition
Enter Triangle, Circle, Up, Right, Down as a password.
Infinite Specials
Enter L1, L1, R1, R1, R1 as a password. Then, begin a game and quit. When you begin another game, you will have an unlimited amount of your character's special weapon.
Knocking Down Big Ben
Place your car on the ramp facing Big Ben on the London level. Shoot the building with your machine gun to knock it down.
Massive Force
Enter Triangle, Circle, Down, Left, Up as a password. Then the impact damage of any weapon that hits your character or the CPU cars will be magnified.
No Full Health Regain Pick-ups
Enter L1, Start, Start, Start, R1 as a password.
No Health Pick-ups
Enter Select, L1, Select, Start, Circle as a password.
No Pick-ups
Enter Select, Select, R2, L2, Start as a password.
No Regenerating Cars
Some levels require an objective that will prevent CPU cars from regenerating. In the Blimp and Hangar 18 levels, locate the four switches (red lights with a number above) and destroy them.
Note: In the Blimp level, destroy the switches before killing anyone. After the switches are destroyed, return to the top level in the red room area. The last switch may now be destroyed. In the London level, destroy Big Ben to stop car regeneration.
Play As Minion
Enter Right, Right, Right, Left, Left as a password. Then, Minion will be available at the vehicle selection screen.
Play As Sweet Tooth
Enter Left, Left, Left, Right, Right as a password. Then, Sweet Tooth will be available at the vehicle selection screen.
Sexy Version Of Flower Power
Enter Left, Square, Square, Square, Left as a password to view an alternate character "Info" screen picture of Flower Power, featuring a revealing view of her very short leather skirt.
Smart Seekers
Enter Triangle, Left, Down, Right, Up as a password. Then, any missiles that track their targets will be enhanced.
Special Moves
InvisibilityUp, Down, Left, Right
FreezeLeft, Right, Up
JumpUp(2), Left
Rear fire selected weaponLeft, Right, Down

Sphinx Surprise
Fire at the Sphinx face in the Egypt level for a special surprise.
Tokyo Fan Of Death
Drive your car up to the big fan in the Tokyo level and teeter on the edge. Then, wait for the other characters to chase after you and let them fall into the fan and die. Quickly throw your car in reverse and wreak further destruction.
Warehouse Level
Enter Square, Square, Square, Left, Left as a password. Then, select deathmatch mode, choose any level and vehicle to begin at the Warehouse bonus level.

Gameshark Twisted Metal 3 Hacks
Infinite Lives P1800D300C 0002
Infinite Lives P2800D309C 0002
God Mode8007EC84 0001
Ammo Never Decreases for All Players80033ED6 2400
Infinite Turbo All Players800201B2 2400
Infinite Specials All Players8001975E 2400
Start with All Weapons, Specials & Infinite Ammo8007EBFC 0001
Start Deathmatch in Club Kids House8007EBCC 0001
Start Deathmatch in Warehouse 18007EBC4 0001
Start Deathmatch in Warehouse 28007EBD4 0001
Enable High Napalms8007EC14 0001
Enable Homing Rain8007EC2C 0001
Enable Giant Richochet Bombs8007EC34 0001
CPU Cars Ignore Ammo When Low8007EC9C 0001
Play as Minion800D28D0 0007
Unlock Minion8007EBE4 0001
Play as Sweet Tooth800D28D0 000B
Unlock Sweet Tooth8007EBDC 0001

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