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Cheat Codes
Enter one of the following codes as a player name.
Note: "_" indicates a space and [number] corresponds to the desired course number.

NameWhat It Does
WINRAlways win race
_BOAExtra powerboats
RRIMAll mirror courses
_DAYAll daytime courses
_NITAll night courses
D_[number]Race on specific daytime course
N_[number]Race on specific night course
_QAKDuck mode
FRACEnable fractal track generator
RUSHView FMV sequences
HURRHurricane boat
BXTRPorsche mode

Note 1: Select any boat. Then, it will be replaced by the Hurricane boat when the game begins.

Note 2: A memory card containing a saved game file from Porche Challenge must be in the PlayStation.

Debug Mode
Pause the game, then press Start + Select.

Gameshark Turbo Prop Racing Hacks
P1 Always Place First800FD190 0100
P1 Infinite Turbos800FD3D0 0003
P1 All Yellow Bouys800FD3C6 0005
Have All Boats Unlocked800E76FA 0101
800E76FC 0101
800E76FE 0101
Track Master Code800E76AC 0303
Have All Day Tracks Unlocked & Completed800E76E0 0606
800E76E2 0606
800E76E4 0606
Have All Night Tracks Unlocked & Completed800E76E6 0606
800E76E8 0606
800E76EA 0606
Have Fractral Tracks Unlocked & Completed800E76F2 0606
800E76F4 0606
800E76F6 0606
Have All Mirror Tracks Unlocked & Completed800E76EC 0606
800E76EE 0606
800E76F0 0606
Duck Cheat On800E7548 0004
Hurracane Boat Cheat On800E7AF8 0001

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