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All Weapons And Full Health (PAL Version)
While playing a game, press L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 + Square + Circle + X + Triangle.
Level Skip (PAL Version)
Pause the game, highlight "Continue", and press Select.

Gameshark Tunnel B1 Hacks
Infinite Lives80046158 0000
Infinite Shield800C4040 0320
Infinite Missiles800C4094 0404
800C4088 6363
Infinite Neon Lasers800C4096 0004
800C408A 0063
Infinite Mines & Flares800C408C 6363
800C4098 0101
Infinite Smart Bombs800C408E 6363
800C409A 0101
Have Triple Machine Gun800C4092 0300
Infinite Super Thrusters800C4044 0003
Stop Timer800C40B6 0039
Stop Enemy Repiar Clocks800B08E2 001F
800B08E4 001F
800B08E6 001F
800B08E8 001F

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