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Hit A Homerun
While in the batter's box, hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 and press Up(2), Triangle(2), Up(2), X(2). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a chime.
Mystery Stadium
At the stadium selection screen, press L1, R1, L1, then hold R1 and press Start.
Super Players
Enter the custom players option in the Manager screen. Then, enter one of the following case-sensitive names for a player with super skills:

    Bruce McMillian
    Steve Rechstchattner
    Bill McCormick
    John Burk
    Kevin Loh
    Wendall Harlow
    Louise Read
    Dennis Hirsch
    Erik Kiss
    Jon Spencer
    Chris Johnson
    Eric Pauker
    Kevin Pickell
    Mark Gipson
    Mike Swanson
    Geoff Coates
    Edwin Gomes
    Tony Lee
    David Demorest
    Craig Hui
    Mike Sokyrka
    Frank Faugno
    Gary Lam
    Brent Neilsen
    Josh Holmes

Gameshark Triple Play '97 Hacks
Infinite Balls3001E7D0 0000
3 Balls And You WalkD001E7D0 0000
3001E7D0 0001
2 Balls And You WalkD001E7D0 0000
3001E7D0 0002
1 Balls And You WalkD001E7D0 0000
3001E7D0 0003
Infinite Strikes3001E7D1 0000
2 Stirkes And You Are OutD001E7D0 0000
3001E7D1 0100
1 Stirkes And You Are OutD001E7D0 0000
3001E7D1 0200
Infinite Outs3001E7D2 0000
2 Outs And You Are OutD001E7D2 0000
3001E7D2 0001
1 Outs And You Are OutD001E7D2 0000
3001E7D2 0002
Home Team Score Modifier3001E560 00??
Home Team Hits Modifier3001E561 00??
Home Team Errors Modifier3001E562 00??
Infinite Stamina Pitcher Home Team8001C614 72FF
Away Team Score Modifier3001E56C 00??
Away Team Hits Modifier3001E56D 00??
Away Team Errors Modifier3001E56E 00??
Infinite Stamina Pitcher Away Team8001C6BC 72FF
Character Creation Codes
Max Hit Control801FEBA8 0007
Max Contact Change801FEBAC 0007
Max Batting Power801FEBB0 0007
Max Running Speed801FEBB4 0007
Max Throwing Speed801FEBB8 0007
Max Arm Accuracy801FEBBC 0007
Max Fielding Accuracty801FEBC0 0007
Max Reaction Time801FEBC4 0007
Character Creation Codes (Pitchers)
Max Fastball801FEBC8 0007
Max Slider801FEBCC 0007
Max Curve801FEBD0 0007
Max Knuckleball801FEBD4 0007
Max Sinker801FEBD8 0007
Max Changeup801FEBDC 0007
Max Splitfinger801FEBE0 0007
Max Screwball801FEBE4 0007

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