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Gameshark Threads Of Fate Hacks
Infinite Money8009B2D8 FFFF
Max Money8009B2D8 967F
8009B2DA 0098
Infinite HP8009B368 03E7
Max HP8009B36C 03E7
Infinite MP8009B36A 03E7
Max MP8009B36E 03E7
Max Strength8009B370 03E7
8009B372 0000
Max Defense8009B374 03E7
8009B376 0000
Start in Final Area8009B2F0 00FF
Time is Always 00:00:00800A7AA0 0000
Item Codes
Max Bronze Coins3009B3A0 0063
Max Silver Coins3009B3A1 0063
Max Gold Coins3009B3A2 0063
Max Platinum Coins3009B3A3 0063
Max Red Dream Stones3009B3AE 0063
Max Blue Dream Stones3009B3AF 0063
Max Black Dream Stones3009B3B0 0063
Max Night Stones3009B3A4 0063
Max Moon Stones3009B3A5 0063
Max Star Stones3009B3A6 0063
Mysterious Statue3009B3A7 0001
The Last Hero3009B3A8 0001
Brooch3009B3A9 0001
Rare Wine3009B3AA 0001
Legendary Sword3009B3AB 0001
Legendary Helmet3009B3AC 0001
Legendary Shield3009B3AD 0001
All Items (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)50000902 0000
8009B3A0 6363
Monster Coin Codes
Max Pollywogs8009B3B8 04FF
Max Saber Tigers8009B3BA 04FF
Max Mandolas8009B3BC 04FF
Max Gargoyles8009B3BE 04FF
Max Stingers8009B3C0 04FF
Max Ootang8009B3C2 04FF
Max Gudons8009B3C4 04FF
Max Fungies8009B3C6 04FF
Max Imp8009B3C8 04FF
Max Cockadoos8009B3CA 04FF
Max Skeletons8009B3CC 04FF
Max Puppets8009B3CE 04FF
Max Specters8009B3D0 04FF
Max Bubbas8009B3D2 04FF
Max Fire Blobs8009B3D4 04FF
Max Pumpkins8009B3D6 04FF
Max Witches8009B3D8 04FF
Max Wabbits8009B3DA 04FF
Max Jinns8009B3DC 04FF
Max Shaolons8009B3DE 04FF
Max Hell Hounds8009B3E0 04FF
Max Rues8009B3E2 04FF
Max Behemoths8009B3E4 04FF
Max Litte Bats8009B3E6 04FF
Max King Ants8009B3E8 04FF
Max Gamulians8009B3EA 04FF
Max Nightmares8009B3EC 04FF
Max Skull Beasts8009B3EE 04FF
Max Cloud Whales8009B3F0 04FF
Max Goratans8009B3F2 04FF
Max Bloods8009B3F4 04FF
Max Smokeys8009B3F6 04FF
Max Chimeras8009B3F8 04FF
All Monster Coins (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)50002102 0000
8009B3B8 04FF
Mint Character Codes
Have All Magic8009B2C4 FFFF
Rue Character Codes
Monster Transformation Modifier Slot 13009B2CD 00??
Monster Transformation Modifier Slot 23009B2CE 00??
Monster Transformation Modifier Slot 33009B2CF 00??
Monster Transformation Modifier Slot 43009B2D0 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Monster Transformation Codes
00 - Empty
01 - Rue (Version 1)
02 - Pollywog
03 - Saber Tiger
04 - Mandola
05 - Gargoyle
06 - Stinger
07 - Ootang
08 - Gudon
09 - Fungie
0A - Imp
0B - Cockadoo
0C - Skeleton
0D - Puppet
0E - Specter
0F - Bubba
10 - Fire Blob
11 - Pumpkin
12 - Witche
13 - Wabbit
14 - Jinn
15 - Shaolon
16 - Hell Hound
17 - Rue (Version 2)

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