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Gameshark The Emperor's New Groove Hacks
Allows Game to Play in a Mod-Chip SystemD004C768 023A
8004C76A 1000
D004C6E0 000A
8004C6E2 1000
Infinite Health800745D0 5000
Infinite Grapes80074754 F000
Unlock All Levels80074778 0808
Max Coins Collected Codes
Village: Level 180074698 F000
8007469A F000
Village: Level 28007469C F000
8007469E F000
Village: Level 3800746A0 F000
800746A2 F000
Village: Level 4800746A4 F000
800746A6 F000
Jungle Night: Level 5800746B0 F000
800746B2 F000
Jungle Night: Level 6800746B4 F000
800746B6 F000
Jungle Night: Level 7800746B8 F000
800746BA F000
River: Level 8800746C8 F000
800746CA F000
River: Level 9800746CC F000
800746CE F000
River: Level 10800746D0 F000
800746D2 F000
River: Level 11800746D4 F000
800746D6 F000
Jungle Day: Level 12800746E0 F000
800746E2 F000
Jungle Day: Level 13800746E4 F000
800746E6 F000
Jungle Day: Level 14800746E8 F000
800746EA F000
Mountain: Level 15800746F8 F000
800746FA F000
Mountain: Level 16800746FC F000
800746FE F000
Mountain: Level 1780074700 F000
80074702 F000
City: Level 1880074710 F000
80074712 F000
City: Level 1980074714 F000
80074716 F000
City: Level 2080074718 F000
8007471A F000
Catacombs: Level 2180074728 F000
8007472A F000
Catacombs: Level 228007472C F000
8007472E F000
Catacombs: Level 2380074730 F000
80074732 F000
Catacombs: Level 2480074734 F000
80074736 F000
Catacombs: Level 2580074738 F000
8007473A F000
The Lab: Level 2680074740 F000
80074742 F000
The Lab: Level 2780074744 F000
80074746 F000
The Lab: Level 2880074748 F000
8007474A F000
The Lab: Level 298007474C F000
8007474E F000
The Lab: Level 3080074750 F000
80074752 F000

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