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Bonus Music
Play track two of the game disc in an audio CD player.

Gameshark Tecmo's Deception Hacks
Infinite HP800A37E2 6464
Infinite Gold800A3868 FFFF
Always Have Antidotes & Savepoints8009F65C 0101
Always Have Herbs8009F666 0101
Always Have Black Orb & Map28009F684 0101
Always Have MP Gain & Sanity8009F664 0101
Always Have Skull Key & Map8009F682 0101
Always Have Mask & Hourglass8009F680 0101
Always Have Amulet & Evil Crown8009F67E 0101
Always Have Letter & Dardstone8009F67C 0101
Always Have Earring & Mantle8009F67A 0101
Always Have Iron Key8009F65E 0001
Always Have Speed & Armor Gems8009F660 0101
Always Have Skill Gem & Necklace8009F662 0101
Always Have Boots8009F668 0001
Always Have Cure8009F670 0001
Always Have Evil Jewel & Sword8009F672 0101
Always Have Contract & Last Key8009F676 0101
Always Have Tiara8009F678 0001
Max vs. Magic & Heal800A37E6 FFFF
Max Defense800A37E4 FF00
Max Skill & Speed800A37E8 FFFF
The Codes Below Give You Infinite Souls to Make Monsters
Infinite Cleric & Psychic8009F640 FFFF
Infinite Trap Pro & Magic Doll8009F644 FFFF
Infinite Witch8009F646 00FF
Infinite General & Messenger8009F648 FFFF
Infinite Cavalier & Digger8009F64A FFFF
Infinite Hunter & Fatemaker8009F64C FFFF
Infinite Alien & Soldier8009F64E FFFF
Infinite Archer & Pirate8009F650 FFFF
Infinite Merchant8009F652 FF00
Infinite Ninja8009F654 FF00
Infinite Carpenter & Bomb Pro8009F656 FFFF
Infinite Sorcerer8009F658 00FF
Infinite MP800A3860 FFFF
Infinite Black Orbs8009F684 0063

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