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Gameshark Tamagotchi Hacks
First Windows
Happy8010A7C6 0400
Hungry8010A7C8 0400
Discipline3010A7BB 0028
Smart And Powerful80A0A7BC 2828
Second Windows
Happy8010ABE6 0400
Hungry8010ABE8 0400
Discipline3010ABDB 0028
Smart And Power80A0ABDC 2828
Third Windows
Happy8010B006 0400
Hungry8010B008 0400
Discipline3010AFFB 0028
Smart And Power80A0AFFC 2828
Forth Windows
Happy8010B426 0400
Hungry8010B428 0400
Discipline3010B41B 0028
Smart And Power80A0B41C 2828
Misc Codes
Have Films and Diamonds8011A5DC 6363
Have Normal Camera8011A5DE 0001
Have Red Camera8011A5DE 0002

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