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Alternate Appearance And Weapons
Beat and save the game. Then, load the saved game and select the character that completed the game. Press Select at the character screen and choose "ARMS" to access new outfits or weapons. This also may be done after completing the game a second time with the same character to unlock a third set of extras.

Gameshark T.R.A.G.: Mission Of Mercy Hacks
Infinite First Aid Pills8013A430 0909
Infinite First Aid Tubes8013A434 0909
Infinite First Aid Kits8013A438 0909
Infinite Blue EX Bottles8013A43C 0909
Infinite Yellow EX Bottles8013A440 0909
Infinite Red EX Bottles8013A444 0909
Infinite Black EX Bottles8013A448 0909
Infinite Glowing Moss8013A454 0909
Have Keycard B300B9B09 0002
Have Steel Wire300B9B0A 0002
Have Byford Bomb300B9B0D 0002
Have Power Handle300B9B13 0002
Have Roulette Ball300B9B14 0002
Have System Disk300B9B15 0002
Have Secret Code Card300B9B16 0002
Have Locker Key300B9B0B 0002
Have Vault Key300B9B0C 0002
Have Medal 1
Have Pass Card300B9B18 0002
Have Keycard A300B9B19 0002
Have Device 1
Have Device 2
Have Device 3
Have Medal 2
Have News Cutting 1
Have News Cutting 2
Have Internet E-Mail300B9B24 0002
Have Letter300B9B25 0002
Have Journal300B9B26 0002
Have Accident Report300B9B27 0002
Have Unknown Data 1
Have Disengagment300B9B2A 0002
Have Admin. Log300B9B2B 0002
Have Unknown Data 2
Have Unknown Data 3
Have Unknown Data 4
Have Unknown Data 5
Have Internal Report 1
Have Internal Report 2
Have Internal Report 3
Enable All Arms For Everyone8013A45A FFFF
8013A45C FFFF
8013A45E FFFF
8013A460 FFFF
8013A464 FFFF
Infinite Health800F36DA 03E7
Max Health800F36E2 03E7
Infinite HE Bullets800981AA 0064
Infinite AP Bullets800981A8 012C
Infinite Health800F3EDE 03E7
Max Health800F3EE6 03E7
Infinite Health800F26D8 03E7
Max Health800F26E0 03E7
Infinite Health800F3EDC 03E7
Max Health800F3EE4 03E7

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