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Gameshark Syndicate Wars Hacks
Infinite Money800E39AC C9FF
800E39AE 3B9A
Infinite Gun Energy80071368 0000
8007136A 0000
Infinite Gun Energy (Mission 1)80164762 0400
Infinite Shield (Mission 1)8016474E 0400
Infinite Gun Energy (Mission 2)801674A6 0400
Infinite Shield (Mission 2)80167492 0400
Infinite Explosives (Mission 2)800E5C02 0004
Infinite Gun Energy (Mission 3)8016ED56 0400
Infinite Shield (Mission 3)8016ED42 0400
Infinite Uzi Energy (BPC)8007129C 0000
8007129E 0000
Infinite Minigun Energy (BPC)8007136C 0000
8007136E 0000
Infinite Shield Energy (BPC)8005C938 0000
8005C93A 0000
Infinite LR Rifle Energy (BPC)80071900 0000
80071902 0000
Infinite Flamer Energy (BPC)80071450 0000
80071452 0000

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