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Hidden Balls
Use the following actions to unlock the corresponding effect:

Highly cane ballRotate the D-pad once + Pitch
Lightning swordDown(3), Up + Pitch
Bracing towerUp(3), Down + Pitch
Sky scraperDown(2), Up(2) + Pitch
Star dust phantomRight(2), Left, Down/Left, Down, Down/Right, Right + Pitch
Danger strikeLeft, Down, Right, Down/Right, Down + Pitch
Sonic butterflyDown, Down/Right, Right, Down, Down/Right, Right + Pitch
Rising dragonLeft, Right, Down, Up + Pitch
Ultimate forceRight, Down, Left, Right + Pitch
Splash waveLeft, Right, Down/Right, Down, Down/Left, Left + Pitch
Dancing twisterUp, Down, Down/Left, Left, Down, Right + Pitch
Rolling thunderLeft, Down, Right, Left, Down, Right + Pitch

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