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Gameshark Slayers Royal 2 Hacks
Infinite Money8003E7EC D4C0
8003E7EE B8A0
1st Character Infinite HP & MP800BB31C 03E7
800BB31E 03E7
800BB320 03E7
800BB322 03E7
1st Character Max Status3003E762 00C8
3003E764 00C8
3003E766 00C8
2nd Character Infinite HP & MP800BB3FC 03E7
800BB3FE 03E7
800BB400 03E7
800BB402 03E7
2nd Character Max Status3003E774 00C8
3003E776 00C8
3003E778 00C8
3rd Character Infinite HP & MP800BB4DC 03E7
800BB4DE 03E7
800BB4E0 03E7
800BB4E2 03E7
3rd Character Max Status3003E786 00C8
3003E788 00C8
3003E78A 00C8

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