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Level Passwords
1-2Ship, Skull, Fish, Anchor, Ship, Anchor
1-3Ship, Anchor, Skull, Ship, Anchor, Fish
1-4Skull, Ship, Fish, Anchor, Anchor, Ship
2-1Fish, Fish, Anchor, Ship, Skull, Anchor
2-2Skull, Anchor, Anchor, Fish, Anchor, Ship
2-3Fish, Anchor, Ship, Ship, Ship, Skull
2-4Anchor, Fish, Ship, Skull, Skull, Fish
3-1Ship, Skull, Skull, Fish, Anchor, Skull
3-2Fish, Skull, Anchor, Fish, Skull, Fish
3-3Fish, Fish, Ship, Skull, Fish, Ship
3-4Ship, Anchor, Ship, Fish, Anchor, Fish
4-1Skull, Skull, Anchor, Ship, Fish, Fish
4-2Ship, Anchor, Skull, Fish, Fish, Anchor
4-3Skull, Ship, Skull, Skull, Fish, Ship
4-4Ship, Fish, Ship, Fish, Ship, Anchor
5-1Anchor, Ship, Fish, Skull, Fish, Ship
5-2Fish, Ship, Anchor, Skull, Ship, Fish
5-3Ship, Fish, Skull, Anchor, Anchor, Skull
5-4Skull, Ship, Anchor, Fish, Ship, Skull

Gameshark Shipwreckers! Hacks
Infinite Ammo800B862C 0000
Infinite Ships8001ABAC 0000
Region One-Level One
Infinite Ammo801EFFB0 00C8
Infinite Health800CDE9E 3FC0
Have All Treasures801EFF58 0009
Region One-Level Two
Infinite Ammo801EE72C 00C8
Infinite Health800D0A16 3FC0
Have All Treasures801EE6D4 0008
Region One-Level Three
Infinite Ammo801EADF8 00C8
Infinite Health800D0C86 3FC0
Have All Treasures801EADA0 000A
Region One-Level Four
Infinite Ammo801EEF58 00C8
Infinite Health800CCDF6 3FC0
Region Two-Level One
Infinite Ammo801E3B90 00C8
Infinite Health800D2826 3FC0
Have All Treasures801E3B38 0010
Region Two-Level Two
Infinite Ammo800D2276 3FC0
Infinite Health801ED6D4 00C8
Have All Treasures801ED67C 0017
Region Two-Level Three
Infinite Ammo800D0D56 3FC0
Infinite Health801E5414 00C8
Have All Treasures801E53BC 0006
Region Two-Level Four
Infinite Ammo800CD40E 3FC0
Infinite Health801ED898 00C8
Region Three-Level One
Infinite Ammo800D01F6 3FC0
Infinite Health801ED6D4 00C8
Have All Treasures801ED67C 000C
Region Three-Level Two
Infinite Ammo800CE9FE 3FC0
Infinite Health801F07DC 00C8
Have All Treasures801F0784 000A
Region Three-Level Three
Infinite Ammo800D14A6 3FC0
Infinite Health801EDF00 00C8
Have All Treasures801EDEA8 0013
Region Three-Level Four
Infinite Ammo800CD8EE 3FC0
Infinite Health801EEF58 00C8
Region Four-Level One
Infinite Ammo800D1E66 3FC0
Infinite Health801EDF00 00C8
Have All Treasures801EDEA8 0020
Region Four-Level Two
Infinite Ammo800D0D56 3FC0
Infinite Health801EADF8 00C8
Have All Treasures801EADA0 0016
Region Four-Level Three
Infinite Ammo800D37FE 3FC0
Infinite Health801E851C 00C8
Have All Treasures801E84C4 0019
Region Four-Level Four
Infinite Ammo800CD40E 3FC0
Infinite Health801EB624 00C8
Region Five-Level One
Infinite Ammo800D0B4E 3FC0
Infinite Health801EE72C 00C8
Have All Treasures801EE6D4 0012
Region Five-Level Two
Infinite Ammo800D23AE 3FC0
Infinite Health801E9574 00C8
Have All Treasures801E951C 0015
Region Five-Level Three
Infinite Ammo800D1646 3FC0
Infinite Health801EE72C 00C8
Have All Treasures801EE6D4 000E
Region Five-Level Four
Infinite Ammo800CD40E 3FC0
Infinite Health801EDF00 00C8

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