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Hidden Levels
Beat all the levels including the top set. Then at the level select screen, move up once pass the top of the screen to access an extra row of levels.
One Player Level Passwords
2Umbrella, Bird, Butterfly, Flower
3Face, Teapot, Bunny, Umbrella
4Bunny, Umbrella, Bird, Bird
5Flower, Umbrella, Bunny, Teapot
6Bird, Teapot, Butterfly, Butterfly
7Bear, Bear, Clover, Bird
8Bunny, Teapot, Umbrella, Heart
9Clover, Butterfly, Bird, Heart
10Heart, Butterfly, Teapot, Heart
11Umbrella, Umbrella, Bird, Flower
12Flower, Teapot, Clover, Butterfly
13Heart, Umbrella, Clover, Heart
14Bunny, Face, Flower, Clover
15Bunny, Face, Bear, Bird
16Flower, Umbrella, Bird, Bunny
17Flower, Bear, Heart, Umbrella
18Face, Bird, Heart, Clover
Two Player Level Passwords
2Butterfly, Umbrella, Bear, Heart
3Bear, Bunny, Flower, Clover
4Umbrella, Heart, Clover, Flower
5Umbrella, Bear, Bunny, Heart
6Teapot, Bird, Butterfly, Flower
7Heart, Flower, Clover, Butterfly
8Heart, Bear, Bunny, Heart
9Bear, Bunny, Clover, Flower
10Butterfly, Face, Umbrella, Clover
11Bear, Flower, Face, Flower
12Teapot, Bear, Flower, Umbrella
13Heart, Bird, Flower, Clover
14Face, Bird, Clover, Teapot
15Teapot, Bird, Clover, Bear
16Umbrella, Teapot, Bird, Flower
17Face, Bear, Bunny, Flower
18Bunny, Heart, Flower, Bird

Gameshark Return Fire Hacks
Infinite Fuel80082016 013F
800EC21A 002C
Infinite Ammo80082030 0095
800EC236 0026
80082040 0032
Infinite Energy80082022 8000
Infinite Lives800A3CDC 0303
800A3CDE 0303
Drive in Water80082044 67DC

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