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Rocket Launcher
Successfully complete the game on the normal difficulty setting with an "S" ranking and save the game when prompted. Load the saved file to begin a new game with the rocket launcher and infinite ammunition for it.

Gameshark Resident Evil: Survivor Hacks
Allows Game to Play in a Mod-Chip SystemD001714C 023A
8001714E 1000
D00170C4 000A
800170C6 1000
Infinite Health800A8584 00C8
Infinite ContinuesD00B608C 0001
800B608C 0004
Have 50 Item SlotsE00A88C0 0002
300A88C0 0032
Have Handgun A & Ammo800AF800 0000
800AF802 0011
Have Handgun B & Ammo800AF818 0001
800AF81A 0011
Have Handgun C & Ammo800AF820 0002
800AF822 0011
Have Handgun D & Ammo800AF828 0003
800AF82A 0011
Have Shotgun & Ammo800AF830 0004
800AF832 0005
Have Grenade Launcher & Ammo800AF810 0008
800AF812 0001
800AF814 000F
800AF816 FFFE
Have Magnum & Ammo800AF838 0005
800AF83A 0006
Have Custom Magnum & Ammo800AF840 0006
800AF842 0006
Have Rocket Launcher & Ammo800AF848 0007
800AF84A 0001

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