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Alternate Costumes
At the character selection screen, press Circle + Square.
Bronze Class
Select "Championship Mode" from the main menu. Then, choose "New Game" and enter "BRONZE" as a gym name to unlock all class bronze boxers in championship mode.
Note: This also unlocks Kemo Claw in arcade mode.
Champ Class
Select "Championship Mode" from the main menu. Then, choose "New Game" and enter "CHAMP" as a gym name to unlock all class champ boxers in championship mode.
Note: This also unlocks Damien Black in arcade mode.
Cheap Training Equipment
Select the "Train Boxer" option in championship mode. Then, go to "Rumble Aerobics Training", press Left and immediately press X. If done correctly, you will have just purchased the $25,000 vitamin bottle for $500. You can do this with any of the training equipment, however the vitamin bottle will save the most money.
Gold Class
Select "Championship Mode" from the main menu. Then, choose "New Game" and enter "GOLD" as a gym name to unlock all class gold boxers in championship mode.
Note: This also unlocks Nat Daddy in arcade mode.
Silver Class
Select "Championship Mode" from the main menu. Then, choose "New Game" and enter "SILVER" as a gym name to unlock all class silver boxers in championship mode.
Note: This also unlocks Bruce Blade in arcade mode.

Gameshark Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Hacks
Reverse Joker CommandD0083B8C ????
Infinite Health P180095BD8 0064
Infinite Health P1 (Alternate)800317B0 0004
800317B2 1080
75% Health P1D0095BD8 0000
80095BD8 004B
50% Health P1D0095BD8 0000
80095BD8 0032
25% Health P1D0095BD8 0000
80095BD8 0019
No Health P180095BD8 0000
Infinite Stamina P180095BDC 0064
No Stamina P180095BDC 0000
Always Have "RUMBLE" P180095BE4 0030
Never Have "RUMBLE" P180095BE4 0000
Infinite "RUMBLE" Time P180095BE8 0235
No "RUMBLE" Time P180095BE8 0000
Infinite Health P2800963F4 0064
Infinite Health P2 (Alternate)800317B0 0004
800317B2 1480
75% Health P2D00963F4 0000
800963F4 004B
50% Health P2D00963F4 0000
800963F4 0032
25% Health P2D00963F4 0000
800963F4 0019
No Health P2800963F4 0000
Infinite Stamina P2800963F8 0064
No Stamina P2800963F8 0000
Always Have "RUMBLE" P280096400 0030
Never Have "RUMBLE" P280096400 0000
Infinite Health P1 & P2800317C2 2400
Infinite Stamina P1 & P28003197E 2400
Infinite Round Time80083E54 0DF0
Infinite Round Time (Alternate)8002CD12 2400
Infinite Continues80083FBC 0003
Infinite Continues (Alternate)80033D4A 2400
Infinite Continue Time80084030 0009
Infinite Continue Time (Alternate)80044E7A 2400
Add a Continue Instead of Losing One80033D40 0001
Championship Mode
Infinite Cash80097AD8 FFFF
Max Cash80097AD8 FFFF
80097ADA 00FF
Boris Knokimov
Class Champ80097ADE 0003
Rank Champ80097AE0 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097AE2 00??
Wins Modifier80097AE4 0???
Losses Modifier80097AE6 0???
Max Strength80097AEE 003F
Max Stamina80097AF2 003F
Max Dexterity80097AF6 003F
Max Experience80097AFA 003F
Butcher Brown
Class Champ80097B2A 0003
Rank Champ80097B2C 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097B2E 00??
Wins Modifier80097B30 0???
Losses Modifier80097B32 0???
Max Strength80097B3A 003F
Max Stamina80097B3E 003F
Max Dexterity80097B42 003F
Max Experience80097B46 003F
Afro Thunder
Class Champ80097B76 0003
Rank Champ80097B78 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097B7A 00??
Wins Modifier80097B7C 0???
Losses Modifier80097B7E 0???
Max Strength80097B86 003F
Max Stamina80097B8A 003F
Max Dexterity80097B8E 003F
Max Experience80097B92 003F
Class Champ80097BC2 0003
Rank Champ80097BC4 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097BC6 00??
Wins Modifier80097BC8 0???
Losses Modifier80097BCA 0???
Max Strength80097BD2 003F
Max Stamina80097BD6 003F
Max Dexterity80097BDA 003F
Max Experience80097BDE 003F
"Raging" Rivera
Class Champ80097C0E 0003
Rank Champ80097C10 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097C12 00??
Wins Modifier80097C14 0???
Losses Modifier80097C16 0???
Max Strength80097C1E 003F
Max Stamina80097C22 003F
Max Dexterity80097C26 003F
Max Experience80097C2A 003F
Tank Thrasher
Class Champ80097C5A 0003
Rank Champ80097C5C 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097C5E 00??
Wins Modifier80097C60 0???
Losses Modifier80097C62 0???
Max Strength80097C6A 003F
Max Stamina80097C6E 003F
Max Dexterity80097C72 003F
Max Experience80097C76 003F
Selene Strike
Class Champ80097CA6 0003
Rank Champ80097CA8 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097CAA 00??
Wins Modifier80097CAC 0???
Losses Modifier80097CAE 0???
Max Strength80097CB6 003F
Max Stamina80097CBA 003F
Max Dexterity80097CBE 003F
Max Experience80097CC2 003F
Jet "Iron" Chin
Class Champ80097CF2 0003
Rank Champ80097CF4 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097CF6 00??
Wins Modifier80097CF8 0???
Losses Modifier80097CFA 0???
Max Strength80097D02 003F
Max Stamina80097D06 003F
Max Dexterity80097D0A 003F
Max Experience80097D0E 003F
Rocket Samchay
Class Champ80097D3E 0003
Rank Champ80097D40 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097D42 00??
Wins Modifier80097D44 0???
Losses Modifier80097D46 0???
Max Strength80097D4E 003F
Max Stamina80097D52 003F
Max Dexterity80097D56 003F
Max Experience80097D5A 003F
"Furious" Faz
Class Champ80097D8A 0003
Rank Champ80097D8C 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097D8E 00??
Wins Modifier80097D90 0???
Losses Modifier80097D92 0???
Max Strength80097D9A 003F
Max Stamina80097D9E 003F
Max Dexterity80097DA2 003F
Max Experience80097DA6 003F
Lulu Valentine
Class Champ80097DD6 0003
Rank Champ80097DD8 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097DDA 00??
Wins Modifier80097DDC 0???
Losses Modifier80097DDE 0???
Max Strength80097DE6 003F
Max Stamina80097DEA 003F
Max Dexterity80097DEE 003F
Max Experience80097DF2 003F
"Big" Willy Johnson
Class Champ80097E22 0003
Rank Champ80097E24 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097E26 00??
Wins Modifier80097E28 0???
Losses Modifier80097E2A 0???
Max Strength80097E32 003F
Max Stamina80097E36 003F
Max Dexterity80097E3A 003F
Max Experience80097E3E 003F
Gino Stiletto
Class Champ80097E6E 0003
Rank Champ80097E70 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097E72 00??
Wins Modifier80097E74 0???
Losses Modifier80097E76 0???
Max Strength80097E7E 003F
Max Stamina80097E82 003F
Max Dexterity80097E86 003F
Max Experience80097E8A 003F
Kemo Claw
Class Champ80097EBA 0003
Rank Champ80097EBC 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097EBE 00??
Wins Modifier80097EC0 0???
Losses Modifier80097EC2 0???
Max Strength80097ECA 003F
Max Stamina80097ECE 003F
Max Dexterity80097ED2 003F
Max Experience80097ED6 003F
Bruce Blade
Class Champ80097F06 0003
Rank Champ80097F08 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097F0A 00??
Wins Modifier80097F0C 0???
Losses Modifier80097F0E 0???
Max Strength80097F16 003F
Max Stamina80097F1A 003F
Max Dexterity80097F1E 003F
Max Experience80097F22 003F
Nat Daddy
Class Champ80097F52 0003
Rank Champ80097F54 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097F56 00??
Wins Modifier80097F58 0???
Losses Modifier80097F5A 0???
Max Strength80097F62 003F
Max Stamina80097F66 003F
Max Dexterity80097F6A 003F
Max Experience80097F6E 003F
Damien Black
Class Champ80097F9E 0003
Rank Champ80097FA0 0000
Fights Left Modifier80097FA2 00??
Wins Modifier80097FA4 0???
Losses Modifier80097FA6 0???
Max Strength80097FAE 003F
Max Stamina80097FB2 003F
Max Dexterity80097FB6 003F
Max Experience80097FBA 003F
All Characters
Class Champ/Unlocked (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)5011004C 0000
80097ADE 0003
Rank Champ (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)5011004C 0000
80097AE0 0000
Fights Left Modifier (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)5011004C 0000
80097AE2 00??
Max Strength (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)5011004C 0000
80097AEE 003F
Max Stamina (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)5011004C 0000
80097AF2 003F
Max Dexterity (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)5011004C 0000
80097AF6 003F
Max Experience (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)5011004C 0000
80097AFA 003F

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