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Gameshark RC Revenge Hacks
Unlock Platinum CupD01A00D8 0060
801A00D8 0000
Unlock Gold CupD01A0130 0060
801A0130 0000
Unlock Silver CupD01A0190 0060
801A0190 0000
Unlock Bronze Reverse CupD01A0074 0060
801A0074 0000
Unlock Silver Reverse CupD019FFF4 0060
8019FFF4 0000
Unlock Gold Reverse CupD019FF74 0060
8019FF74 0000
Unlock Platinum Reverse CupD019FEF8 0060
8019FEF8 0000
Unlock I Know What You Drove Last Summer300BDD70 0001
Unlock 20:1 A Space Odd RC300BDD71 0001
Unlock Raiders Of The Lost Park300BDD72 0001
Unlock Calamity Canyon300BDD73 0001
Unlock Attack Of The Killer Toy Motors300BDD74 0001
Unlock Tales From The Crypt: Director's Cut300BDD75 0001
Unlock Cars Attack!!! Again!!300BDD76 0001
Unlock Temple Of Vroom: The Awakening300BDD77 0001
Unlock Hilltop Hairpins: Special Edition300BDD78 0001
Unlock It Returned to Have Another Race300BDD79 0001
Unlock I Still Know What You Drove Last Summer300BDD7A 0001
Unlock 20:1 A Space RC = Digitally Remastered300BDD7B 0001
Unlock Raiders Of The Lost Ark: Collector's Edition300BDD7C 0001
Unlock Calamity Canyon: Live & Dangerous300BDD7D 0001
Unlock Return Of The Killer Toy Motors300BDD7E 0001
Unlock All Normal Tracks (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)50000F01 0000
300BDD70 0001
Unlock Concept 3000800BD310 0001
Unlock Jungle Ranger800BD3A0 0001
Unlock Sarge800BD430 0001
Unlock Skull Duggery800BD454 0001
Unlock Yella800BD478 0001
Unlock UFO800BD49C 0001
Points Modifier300BCD6F 00??
Start on Lap Modifier (00-02)D0141414 0000
80141418 00??

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