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Drive Black Vestal
Beat the game with the white Vestal.
Drive Tsumujikaze
Choose Tsumuji as your opponent in time attack mode. Finish in first place and his car will be selectable.
Note: This status is saved with the game.
Drive White Vestal
Without using any continues, beat the game with every car.

Gameshark Ray Tracers Hacks
Infinite Nitros80058A40 03B6
Infinite Time80058E88 06D6
Total Time is 00'00"0080058F64 0000
Score 6553580058D30 FFFF
Score 2.1 Billion80058D32 7FFF
Time Attack
Lap 2 Time 00'00"008005EC54 0000
Lap 3 Time 00'00"008005EC58 0000
Lap 1 Time 00'00"008005EC50 0000
Always Use Player80058E68 000?
Unlock All Secret Players8005F7CC 007F
Quantity Digits to Accompany Player Modifier Codes
0 - J-Lang
1 - Sleoteel
2 - Asuka
3 - Bloody
4 - Tsumuji
5 - Maki
6 - Kaiser

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