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Extra Features (Japanese Version)
Enter Versus mode and have both players choose Genma. Then during game play, press Start. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a voice.
Play As Keith
Beat the game with all characters without using any continues in story mode on the "Very Hard" difficulty level.

Gameshark Psychic Force Hacks
Infinite Time800D68C8 0063
Infinite Time to Select a Character8011F33C 0320
Player 1 Codes
Infinite Energy80101E54 03E8
75% EnergyD0101E54 03E8
80101E54 02EE
50% EnergyD0101E54 03E8
80101E54 01F4
25% EnergyD0101E54 03E8
80101E54 00FA
No Energy80101E54 0000
1-Hit DeathD0101E54 03E8
80101E54 0001
Infinite Auto Guards (When You Select Auto Guard)80101F24 000A
Never Wins80101E6E 0001
Needs 1 Win to WinD0101E6E 0001
80101E6E 0101
Infinite PSV80101E56 0190
No PSV80101E56 0000
Character Modifier80118268 00??
8011826C 00??
Player 2 Codes
Infinite Energy80101F98 03E8
75% EnergyD0101F98 03E8
80101F98 02EE
50% EnergyD0101F98 03E8
80101F98 01F4
25% EnergyD0101F98 03E8
80101F98 00FA
No Energy80101F98 0000
1-Hit DeathD0101F98 03E8
80101F98 0001
Infinite Auto Guards (When You Select Auto Guard)80102068 000A
Never Wins80101FB2 0001
Needs 1 Win to WinD0101FB2 0001
80101FB2 0101
Infinite PSV80101F9A 0190
No PSV80101F9A 0000
Character Modifier8011A624 00??
8011A628 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Codes
00 - Burn
01 - Emilio
02 - Wendy
03 - Sonia
04 - Brad
05 - Wong
06 - Genax
07 - Gates

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