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Enhanced Flying
While playing a game, press Circle, R1, R2, Square, Right, L1, L2, Left. If you entered the code correctly, a vulture icon will appear. Then, press X to fly higher and further.
Enhanced Swimming
While playing a game, press Square(2), Triangle(2), X(2), Circle(2). If you entered the code correctly, a dolphin icon will appear. Then, your character can remain underwater longer and swim faster.
Grenade-propelled Jump
Obtain the Horus Feather. Then, jump and float just above the ground. Now look down and throw a grenade. The explosion will push you upwards. This trick may best be put to use on the second to last level (Kilmaat Colony) to skip to the ending. Go to the room relatively early in the level that contains a bridge with lasers on either side. Look up and to the left to find the exit camel. Hover over to the ground right below the camel and use a grenade to propel your character upwards. Hover and move forwards at the height of the jump to reach the camel.
At the world map, press Select screen to display the menu. Then, press Square + Select to add an item or Circle to delete an item.
Level Select
At the world map screen, press Circle, X, Triangle, Square, Right, Down, Up, Left on controller two.
Team Dolls
There are a total of 23 team dolls hidden throughout the game. Each doll represents a member of the development team. Find 10 dolls to activate dolphin mode. This will allow your character to swim faster and jump out of the water. Find 14 dolls to activate vulture mode. This will allow your character to fly.

Gameshark Powerslave Hacks
Joker CommandD0093D70 ????
Infinite Health80084BBA 00C8
Have Hand Gun & Infinite Ammo80084BDE 003A
Have Chain Gun & Infinite Ammo80084BE0 003A
Have Gold Grenades & Infinite Ammo80084BE2 003A
Have Flame Gun & Infinite Ammo80084BE4 003A
Have Green Myst Gun & Infinite Ammo80084BE6 003A
Have Demon Stars & Infintie Ammo80084BE8 003A
Have Mystical Balls & Infinite Ammo80084BEA 003A
Have All Keys80084C02 FFFF
Have All Artifacts80084C00 FFFF
Have Transmitter80084C06 FFFF
Have Map80084C0C FFFF

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