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Cheat Codes
Enter the following codes as passwords:

PasswordWhat It Does
STEVECRANEMENinety-nine lives
PLAYMOVIESView FMV sequences
PITFALLCOMICShow comic book scenes
CREDITSView credits
BIGHEADHARYBig head mode
DISCOLIGHTS5Start at level 3 with fifty-six lives
STOPTALKINGDisable comments from Harry

Level Passwords
2City Of ShenrakMETROPOLIS
3Underground CavernsDEEPDARK
4Moku TempleTEMPLEME
5Blister FieldsHOTROCKS
6Desert Into VolcanoGOINGDOWN
9Life ExtractionTHUNDERDOMES
11Crystal MatrixSPOOKYMESAS
Original Pitfall Mini-game
Enter "CRANESBABY" as a password. Then during the mini-game, press one of the following button combinations to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Infinite lives

    Press L1 + L2.

    Crocodile message

    Press R1 + Triangle while on a crocodile screen.

    Change head to Atari 2600 programmer

    Press R1 + R2.

    Change head to programmer's daughter

    Press R1 + Circle.

Gameshark Pitfall 3D Hacks
Joker CommandD0083E54 ????
Level 1 Codes
Infinite Lives8007C348 0005
Infinite Health8007C388 00FF
Level 2 Codes
Have 10 Gold Bars8007D308 000A
Infinite Lives8007D208 0005
Infinite Health8007D248 00FF
Infinite Flash Bombs800D315C 0009
Infinite Time Bombs800D3160 0009
Level 3 Codes
Infinite Lives80082530 0005
Infinite Health80082570 00FF
Infinite Time Bomb800DA7C4 0009
Infinite Lightning800DA7C0 0009
Have 10 Gold Bars8008262C 000A
Level 4 Codes
Infinite Lives80080E24 0005
Infinite Health80080E64 00FF
Infinite Lightning800F1208 0009
Infinite It800F120C 0009
Have 10 Gold Bars80080F24 000A
Super JumpD0081384 0040
80080D64 0005
Gladiator Boss Level Codes
Infinite Lives8005A500 0005
Infinite Health8005A54FC 004
Level 5 Codes
Infinite Lives8008BCE4 0005
Infinite Health8008BD24 00FF
Infinite Lava800E288C 0009
Infinite Power Boost800E2890 0009
Have 10 Gold Bars8008BDD8 000A
Level 6 Codes
Infinite Lives80081520 0005
Infinite Health80081560 00FF
Level 7 Codes
Push L2 To Restore HealthD0083E54 0001
80083960 00FF
Infinite Lives80083920 0005
Have 10 Gold Bars80083A1C 000A
Infinite Lava800D8314 0009
Infinite Lightning800D8310 0009
Boss 2 Level Codes
Infinite Lives80067B98 0008
Infinite Health80067B94 0040
Level 8 Codes
Infinite Lives8007DC48 0005
Infinite Health8007DC88 00FF
Infinite Time Bombs800D4250 0009
Infinite Boomerangs800D4254 0009
Have 10 Gold Bars8007DD4C 000A
Level 9 Codes
Infinite Lives8007DD58 0005
Infinite Health8007DD94 00FF
Infinite Boomerangs800D7884 0009
Infinite Power Boosts800D7888 0009
Have 10 Gold Bars8007DE50 000A
Level 10 Codes
Infinite Lives8007986C 0005
Infinite Health800798AC 00FF
Have 10 Gold Bars80079968 000A
Infinite Power Boost800DBBA4 0009
Infinite It800DBBA0 0009
Level 11 Codes
Infinite Lives80077A50 0005
Infinite Health80077A90 00FF
Have 10 Gold Bars80077B50 000A
Infinite Lightning800D0040 0009
Scourge Boss Codes
Infinite Lives8005C9D0 0005
Infinite Health8005C9CC 0040
Original 2600 Game
Infinite LivesD0030FA8 0001
80030FA8 0002
Press L1 For Super High ScoreD0031154 0004
Infinite TimeD0030FB0 0013
80030FB0 0014
Moon JumpD0031154 0040
80030FD0 0007

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