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All Items And Invincibility (Japanese Version)
At the main menu, highlight the "Start" option. Then, press Left(2), Right(2), Triangle(3), Square(3), X.

Gameshark Overblood Hacks
Infinite Energy800CF8F4 0064
Have Jacket800EF4DC 0001
Have Memory Chip800EF4E0 0001
Have Silver Key Card800EF4E4 0001
Have Memo800EF4E8 0001
Have Laser Knife800EF4EC 0001
Have Anti Gravity Device800EF4F0 0001
Have Simple Case800EF4F4 0001
Have Oil Container800EF4F8 0001
Have Broke Thermostat800EF4FC 0001
Have Chemical Bottle800EF500 0001
Have Capsule800EF504 0001
Have Hand Gun800EF508 0001
Have Silver Key800EF50C 0001
Have Voice Recorder800EF510 0001
Have Iron Rods800EF514 0001
Have Stun Gun800EF518 0001
Have Metal Grate800EF51C 0001
Have Burner800EF520 0001
Have Clip800EF524 0001
Have Red Key Card800EF528 0001
Have Compact Data Disc800EF52C 0001
Have Gold Card Key800EF530 0001
Have Emergency Spray800EF534 0001
Have Allen Wrench800EF538 0001
Have Cord800EF53C 0001
Have Bare Cord800EF540 0001
Have Dead Battery800EF544 0001
Have Charged Batter800EF548 0001
Have Identification Card800EF54C 0001
Have Ice Box800EF550 0001
Have Small Bombe800EF554 0001
Have Sample Case800EF558 0001
Have Portable Food800EF55C 0001

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