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All Weapons
Enter "MAXPOWER" as a password.
Debug Mode
Enter "HEYBUDDY" as a password. Then options to select a stage, section, invincibility, all weapons, and removing the pause text will appear.
Full Pause Screen
Enter "THEPRESS" as a password. The text normally displayed when the game is paused will be disabled.
Level Passwords
Level Select
Enter "HEVYFEET" as a password.

Gameshark One Hacks
Infinite Ammo8010AC3C FFFF
8010B6D8 FFFF
Infinite Lives8010BA8C 0005
Infinite Rage Meter8010B690 00C0
Mid Air Jumps8010B6C0 0002
Have Missile Launcher8010B6D4 0001
Have Homing Missiles8010B6D4 0002
Have Flame Thrower8010B6D4 0003
Have Pulse Laser8010B6D4 0004
Have Grenade Launcher8010B6D4 0005
Weapon SelectD010B85C 0401
8010B6D4 0001
D010B85C 0404
8010B6D4 0002
D010B85C 0408
8010B6D4 0003
D010B85C 0402
8010B6D4 0004
D010B85C 0500
8010B6D4 0005

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