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Easy Mission 1
Enter "AVENGER" as a password. No enemies will be present during mission 1.
Faster Vechicles
Enter "WARPDRIVE" as a password. This will make your vehicles will now be a lot faster.
Five Continues
Enter "WARRIOR" as a password.
Fly Farther
Enter "MPG" as a password to fly a greater distance without refueling.
Four Continues
Enter "PHOENIX" as a password.
Infinite Ammunition, Armor, And Fuel
Enter "PACKISBACK" as a password. Now when Ammunition, armor, and fuel reach zero they will fully be restored.
Infinite Lives
Enter "LAZARUS" as a password. You will now have Infinite Lives.
Level Passwords
Recon Mode
Enter "EAGLEEYE" as a password. You may fly over the map freely without any enemy fire.
Unlimited Weapon Refill
Enter "GOPOSTAL" as a password.
View Future Strike FMV Sequence
Enter "COMMERCIAL" as a password.

Gameshark Nuclear Strike Hacks
Delta Apache Codes
Infinite Fuel800F5982 3B20
Infinite Armor800F5900 05DC
Infinite Wing Tips800EF454 0008
Infinite Missiles800EF438 0008
Infinite Rockets800EF41C 0026
Infinite Chain Gun800EF400 049A
Delta Huey Codes
Infinite Fuel800F5AF0 04A6
Infinite Armor800F5B72 767E
Infinite Wing Tips800EF3E4 0008
Infinite Rockets800EF3AC 0026
Island Apache Codes
Infinite Fuel800F3DCA 638B
Infinite Armor800F3D48 05DC
Infinite Wing Tips800EF13C 0004
Infinite Missiles800EF120 000C
Infinite Rockets800EF104 0026
Infinite Chain Gun800EF0E8 049A
Peace Chopper Codes
Infinite Fuel800F2EA2 6107
Infinite Armor800F2E20 03E8
Infinite TGAS800EE0BC 0008
Dmz Apache Codes
Infinite Fuel800F65CA 62F5
Infinite Armor800F6548 07D0
Infinite Wing Tips800EF00C 0008
Infinite Guns800EEFB8 05DC
Dmz Tank Codes
Infinite Fuelnk8008203C 3939
Infinite Armor800F5B70 0FA0
Infinite Cannon800EEEBC 0064
Delta Hovercraft Codes
Infinite Fuel800F57E2 C742
Infinite Armor800F5760 0BB8
Infinite Guns800EF374 2710
Infinite Cannon800EF33C 0064
Infinite Rockets800EF358 0018
Dmz Bradley Codes
Infinite Fuel800F60B2 602F
Infinite Armor800F6030 07D0
Infinite Guns800EEF64 04B0
Infinite Missiles800EEF80 000A
Dmz A10x Warthog Codes
Infinite Fuel800F63F2 62F2
Infinite Armor800F6370 1B58
Infinite Wing Tips800EEEA0 0008
Infinite Rockets800EEE68 0190
Infinite Missiles800EEE84 0030
Infinite Cannon800EEE4C 1B58

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