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All-Star Teams
At the main menu, highlight "Option" and press L1, R1, L2, R2 to access the code menu. Now enter one of the following case-sensitive codes.
Note: "_" indicates a space.

ALA_All_StarsAlabama all time team
EMU_All_StarsEastern Michigan all time team
GB_All_StarsGameBreaker all time team
Mich_All_StarsMichigan all time team
ND_All_StarsNotre Dame all time team
Neb_All_StarsNebraska all time team
OSU_All_StarsOhio State all time team
USC_All_StarsSouthern California all time team

Cheat Codes
At the main menu, highlight "Option" and press L1, R1, L2, R2 to access the code menu. Now enter one of the following case-sensitive codes.
Note: "_" indicates a space.

CodeWhat It Does
Big_ArmQuarterback has a stronger arm.
Little_ArmQuarterback has a weaker arm.
CannonQuarterback has best arm possible.
Big_FootKicker has stronger leg.
Little_FootKicker has a weaker leg.
Thunder_FootKicker has strongest leg possible.
HeliumHang time is increased on kicks.
Blocking_UpOffense blocks are better.
Blocking_DownOffense blocks are worse.
HandsWide Receiver will catch more and drop less.
Long_DivesPlayers dive farther.
JukesPlayers cut quicker.
FlashPlayers run faster.
Circus_FlipJumping receiver flips more.
TacklesTackling is better.
Rock_EmHarder hits.
InterceptionsMore interceptions occur.
FumblesMore fumbles occur.
Swim_UpEasier to swim around someone.
Swim_DownHarder to swim around someone.
Angry_CPUDifficult one player game.
Cruel_CPUExtremely difficult one player game.
Jack_TEasier to knock ball out of Wide Receiver's hand.
Tight_CoverCoverage is better.
Loose_CoverCoverage is worse.
GiantsPlayers are bigger.
MidgetsPlayers are smaller.
Big_RefReferee is bigger.
Big_GBGameBreakers are bigger than regular players.
Tiny_GBGameBreakers are smaller than regular players.
HealthyPlayers are never hurt.
Slow_CPUComputer is slower.
AmazonsCheerleaders are bigger.
Lights_OutDark stadium (only night games).
Fast_ClockClock runs faster.
Slow_ClockClock runs slower.
PoliticsNo fouls on home team.
Super_StiffBetter stiff arm.
TasmanianBetter spin move.
CreditsShow credits.
Injuries_UpIncrease the number of injuries.
Dark_StormWhen you win you actually lose.
HurricaneRains harder.
BlizzardSnows harder (Snow option must be on).
TornadoWind blows harder (Wind option must be on).
PlatinumPlatinum colored players.
GoldGold colored visiting players.
SilverSilver colored visiting players.
CopperCopper colored players.
White_KnightsWhite colored visiting players.
Dark_HorseBlack colored visiting players.

Gameshark NCAA GameBreaker Hacks
Home Team Infinite Time Outs800B174A 0004
Home Team Score Modifier800B1740 00??
Away Team Infinite Time Outs800B1748 0004
Away Team Score Modifier800B1744 00??
Infinite Time To Choose Play800B1832 0016

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