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Automatic Strike
Throw a pitch that will be a strike, then pause the game when the ball just reaches the batter. Resume the game. If done correctly, the batter will not swing at the ball.
Spring Training Stadiums
At the stadium selection screen in exhibition mode, move to the left or right until the spring training stadiums appear.
Super Player
At the player creation screen in spring training mode, enter "Scott Murray" or any other development team name (located in the back of the instruction manual) as a player name.

Gameshark MLB 2001 Hacks
Infinite Creation Points801DCC48 00FF
Infinite Balls800B9274 0000
1 Ball And You WalkD00B9274 0000
800B9274 0003
2 Balls And You WalkD00B9274 0000
800B9724 0002
3 Balls And You WalkD00B9724 0000
800B9724 0001
Infinite Strikes800B9272 0000
1 Strike And You Are OutD00B9272 0000
800B9272 0002
2 Strikes And You Are OutD00B9272 0000
800B9272 0001
Infinite Outs800B9270 0000
1 Out And You Are OutD00B9270 0000
800B9270 0002
2 Outs And You Are OutD00B9270 0000
800B9270 0001
Home Team Scores 03001D458 0000
Home Team Scores 993001D458 0063
Home Team Score Modifier3001D458 00??
Home Team Hit Modifier3001D452 00??
Home Team Run Modifier3001D453 00??
Home Team Error Modifier3001D454 00??
Away Team Scores 03001D49B 0000
Away Team Scores 993001D49B 0063
Away Team Score Modifier3001D49B 00??
Away Team Hit Modifier3001D494 00??
Away Team Run Modifier3001D495 00??
Away Team Error Modifier3001D496 00??
Run's Scored Modifier300808FC 00??

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