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Dark Revived Hunter
At the main menu, press L1(3), R2. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Start a new game and find Revived Hunter. He will be in Dark form.
Defeating High Max
After getting Zero, go through the teleporters and find High Max with Zero. Make sure to have both Sub-tanks full before facing him. Use the Sharks weapon with Zero. Take your time facing him -- it takes awhile to figure out his attacks and how to get close to him.
Easy Attack With Zero
Press Attack + Dash continuously with Zero.
Play As Zero
Find Zero with the teleporters and fight him. He will join you after he is defeated.
X's Ultimate Armor
At the main menu, press Left(3), Right. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Gameshark Megaman X6 Hacks
Infinite Lives300CCF09 0063
Have All Special Weapons30097169 00FF
Have All Sub Tanks300CCF3B 0070
Infinite Giga Attack80097148 0120
Infinite Ground Dash80097152 0120
Infinite Guard Shell80097156 0120
Infinite Ice Burst8009714C 0120
Infinite Magma Blade800971E 0120
Infinite Metal Anchor80097150 0120
Infinite Meteor Rain80097154 0120
Infinite Ray Arrow80097158 0120
Infinite Yammar Option8009714A 0120
Press L1 + L2 to Refill HealthD00CF922 FAFF
800970FC 2020
Press L2 For InvincibilityD00CF922 FEFF
80097118 0000
80097144 00FF
Press Select to Disable InvincibilityD00CF922 FFFE
80097118 0000
80097144 4000
All Reploids Rescued Codes
Amazon Area800CCFA8 2222
800CCFAA 2222
800CCFAC 2222
800CCFAE 2222
Central Museum800CCFC8 2222
800CCFCA 2222
800CCFCC 2222
800CCFCE 2222
Inami Temple800CCFD0 2222
800CCFD2 2222
800CCFD4 2222
800CCFD6 2222
Laser Institute800CCFD8 2222
800CCFDA 2222
800CCFDC 2222
800CCFDE 2222
Magma Area800CCFB8 2222
800CCFBA 2222
800CCFBC 2222
800CCFBE 2222
Northpole Area800CCFB0 2222
800CCFB2 2222
800CCFB4 2222
800CCFB6 2222
Recycle Lab800CCFC0 2222
800CCFC2 2222
800CCFC4 2222
800CCFC6 2222
Weapon Center800CCFE0 2222
800CCFE2 2222
800CCFE4 2222
800CCFE6 2222

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