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Alternate Second Half
If you let the colony collide with the Earth (let all the time run out), an intermission scene where Zero is infected with the Sigma virus and becomes a powerful Maverick will appear. For the rest of the game you cannot choose Zero and the dialogue changes for a few of the intermission scenes. Also, Zero fights more aggressively and uses different attacks when you fight him in the third Maverick level.
Defeating Bosses
    Grizzly Slash: Spike Ball/Twin Dream
    Duff McWhalen: C-Shot/C-Sword
    Squid Adler: G-Shower/F-Splasher
    Izzy Glow: Tri-Thunder/E-Blade
    Dark Dizzy: F-Lazer/C-Flasher
    The Skiver: Dark Hold
    Mattrex: Wing Spiral/W-Shredder
    Axle The Red: Ground Fire/Quake Blazer
    Rock Monster: Tri-Thunder
    Robo Mask: X-Buster/Z-Saber
    Zero or X: F-Lazer/C-Flasher
    Sigma 1: X-Buster/Z-Saber
    Sigma 2: X-Buster/Z-Saber
Destroying The Colony
To destroy the colony, get it as close as possible with at least 3 parts -- i.e. the lower the hours, the better the chance of destroying the colony with the Enigma.
Falcon Armor

    Legs: In Grizzly Slash's area, after the train section in the caves there is a opening -- use C-Sword.

    Body: In Duff McWhalen's area where the water drains, use G-Shaver and open the blocked Capsule.

    Head: In S. Adlers's area, collect all the E. Spheres on the bike ride.

    Arms: In Izzy Glow's area, after the spiral stairs, destroy the Plazma Cannon and get the arms once past.

Gaea Armor

    Head: Before Dark Dizzy's chamber is a pit. Go in and use the F-Laser to blow it up from inside.

    Body: Just before the third lift, use the Falcon armor to find the well hidden Capsule.

    Arms: Instead of going up the end vines, keep moving right and use double jump.

    Legs: During the second rope climbing section there is a opening. Fly up with the Falcon Armor and get the legs.

Get All Armors For X And Zero
Start the game with X and make sure you have the Fourth Armor. After destroying the colony (make sure Zero does not become Maverick), go to the third Maverick stage with either X or Zero. After getting the armor, die constantly and go to stage selection screen when the game ends. Then, go to the stage again, but with the other hunter. For example, if you went with Zero first, then go with X next or vice versa. Look at the left side of the stage selection screen to find the Fourth Armor, Black Zero, Ultimate Armor, Gaea Armor (if you have it), and Falcon Armor (if you have it).
Megaman X4 Appearance
Start a training level with X or Zero. Get to the end of the level to find Magma Dragoon, a maverick from Megaman X4. Also, make it to Maverick Base level 3. Play this level as Zero to fight X, who will use moves from Megaman X4 such as Soul Body, Frost Tower, and Double Cyclone.
Ultimate Armor For X Or Zero
Go past all of the spike traps in the third Sigma level. You will reach what appears to be a pit. Slide down the right side of it until you fall into a room that contains a capsule. Step into the capsule to obtain the armor. When playing as X, you will have to intentionally die and restart the level to use it. Zero will automatically equip it.
X Buster's Super Nova Armor
At the character selection screen, highlight X, then press Up(2), Down(9). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, press Circle. You will start with Super Nova Armor from Megaman X4.
Zero's Black Armor
At the character selection screen, highlight Zero, then press Down(2), Up(9). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, press Circle. Zero's Black Armor will reduce damage slightly as compared to his Red armor.
Zero's Slash Combo
Press Square(2), Back, Square for a 4-hit combo which works on any Boss.
Zero's Supreme Slash
Either press Dash + Slash, or press Forward, Forward + Slash.
Note: This is the best move to use to finish some of the Bosses.

Gameshark Megaman X5 Hacks
Infinite Lives300D1C45 0004
Infinite Health8009A0FC 2020
Infinite C-Shot8009A14A 0121
Infinite C-Shot/Dark Hold (Xero)8009A14A 0120
Infinite Dark Hold/CFlasher (Xero)8009A14C 0120
Infinite Goo Shaver/Twin Dream (Xero)8009A14E 0120
Infinite Ground Fire8009A150 0120
Infinite Tri-Thunder8009A152 0120
Infinite F-Laser8009A154 0120
Infinite Spike Ball8009A156 0120
Infinite Wing Spiral8009A158 0120
Infinite Hours to Collision800D1CAE 0040
Infinite Ammo All WeaponsD003F82C 1823
8003F832 2400
Have All Weapons3009A169 00FF
Ultra Buster Shot8009A13C FFFF
Unlock X-Buster300D4F56 0001
Unlock Wing Spiral300D4F57 0001
Unlock C-Shot300D4F58 0001
Unlock Spike Ball300D4F59 0001
Unlock Tri-Thunder300D4F5A 0001
Unlock Dark Hold300D4F5B 0001
Unlock F-Laser300D4F5C 0001
Unlock Ground Fire300D4F5D 0001
Unlock Goo Shaver300D4F5E 0001
Unlock Giga Attack300D4F5F 0001
Unlock Restore Life Gauge300D4F60 0001
Unlock Life Gauge300D4F61 0001
Unlock Restore Weapon Energy Gauge300D4F62 0001
Unlock Exit A Level300D4F63 0001
Unlock Return To The Game300D4F65 0001
Unlock Change Button Configuration300D4F64 0001
Unlock Change Screen Configuration300D4F66 0001
Unlock EX Mode300D4F67 0001
Walk on SpikesD0074634 72E8
80074634 5F90
D0038B9C 0012
80038B9E 1000
D0038BF0 0018
80038BF2 1000

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