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Cheat Mode
Pause the game, then hold L2 and press Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle(2), Triangle, Left, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Circle, Left(2), Triangle, Right, Circle, Left(2), Triangle, Circle, Down, Circle(2), Right. For the PAL version of the game, hold L2 and press Left, Up, Square, Triangle, Right, Circle, Up, Square while playing a game. Then, pause the game and repeatedly press Down to access a cheat option with infinite health, all weapons, level skip and infinite money selections.
Defeating Dogman And Mander (round 2)
This fight will be easier if you have the magic sword and flaming crossbow. Use the magic sword on Dogman and the flaming crossbow on Mander.
Defeating Dogman And Mander
First, defeat Dogman by running hits with the hammer, then use the pistol or the crossbow on Mander.
Defeating Iron Slugger
The best attack to use on him is the Jawbreaker (hold R2 + Square). If you lose at least two limbs, than wait for the round to end to get your limbs back.
Defeating Jack The Ripper
Avoid him until he attacks Kia. If she is harmed, then use good lighting on her.
Defeating Mecha-Elephants
Run under them and shoot the Imp in the driver seat. You should be able to shoot them three times.
Defeating Mega-Elephant
Simply hit the switches when the robot is under the magnets. Repeat this three times.
Defeating The Count (form 1)
When he stands in the middle of the room, hit the closest mirror around until it faces him. Then, let him fire the white balls at the mirror. Repeat this four times.
Defeating The Count (form 2)
While avoiding him, hit the mirrors again until sunlight pours in. Repeat this twice.
Defeating The Demon
Instead of attacking The Demon, attack Palethorne. To defeat him, use the gatlin gun on his engines when he is flying past. Watch out for the missiles that he fires. Repeat this four times.

Defeating Tyrannosaurus Wrecks (form 1)
Wait for him to stand still so you can run up his back and stab his brain. Repeat this twice.
Defeating Tyrannosaurus Wrecks (form 2)
Wait for him to stand still and shoot his brain. Repeat this three times.

Gameshark MediEvil 2 Hacks
Infinite Health800F152C 012C
Infinite Cash800F15B4 270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo800F156C 0064
Infinite Crossbow Ammo800F1574 0096
Infinite Flaming Crossbow Ammo800F1578 0096
Infinite Gatling Gun Ammo800F1580 0096
Infinite Blunderbuss800F1590 0096
Infinite Bombs800F1594 0096
Infinite Chicken Drumsticks800F1598 0096
Infinite Copper Shield800F15A0 0096
Infinite Silver Shield800F15A4 0096
Infinite Gold Shield800F15A8 0096
Have Small Sword800F155C 0001
Have Broad Sword800F1560 0001
Have Magic Sword800F1564 0001
Have Cane Stick800F1568 0001
Have Hammer800F1570 0001
Have Axe800F157C 0001
Have Lightning800F1588 0001
Have Good Lightning800F1584 0001
Have Head800F15BC 0001
Have Scroll of Sekhmet800F163 00001
Have Staff Of Anubis800F1634 0001
Have Tablet Of Horus800F1638 0001
Have All Keys800F162C 0001
800F161C 0001
800F1618 0001
800F1640 0001

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