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Bonus Teams
Start a game in exhibition mode and enter "EASPORTS" as a user name.

Gameshark March Madness 2000 Hacks
Infinite Creation Points8014B904 0258
Infinite Shot Clock801613A8 0609
Home Team Infinite Time Outs300153F0 0007
Home Team No Time Outs300153F0 0000
Home Team Infinite 20 Sec Time Outs300153F1 0007
Home Team No 20 Sec Time Outs300153F1 0000
Home Team Scores 0800153EC 0000
Home Team Scores 150800153EC 0096
Home Team Score Modifier800153EC 00??
Away Team Infinite Time Outs3001682C 0007
Away Team No Time Outs3001682C 0000
Away Team Infinite 20 Sec Time Outs3001682D 0007
Away Team No 20 Sec Time Outs3001682D 0000
Away Team Scores 080016828 0000
Away Team Scores 15080016828 0096
Away Team Score Modifier80016828 00??

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