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Cheat Codes
Enter one of the following codes at the code entry screen to activate the corresponding cheat function:

5 yard first downsPOPWARNER
20 yard first downsFIRSTIS20
10 pt. TDs; 7 pt. FGsDRBENWAY
100 yard passesPIGSKINSFLY
100 yard field goalsBIGFOOT
Super speed burstNO2
Super stiff armSMACKDOWN
Super jumpSPRONG
More injuriesPAINFUL
More fumblesROLLERGIRL
More interceptionsPICKEDOFF
No interceptionsEXPRESSBALL
Receivers catch betterMAGNASAVE
Less penaltiesREFISBLIND
Points for defenseFRAPLPRO
Quick fatigueFINALTIME
Harder to tackle playersTEFLON
Electric sidelinesSTATICCLING
Floating headsTALKINGWHAT
Big versus small playersMINIME
Camera follows footballVERTIGO
Curved space and timeMOEBIUS
4th And Incas stadiumQUETZLCOATL
Alpha Blitz stadiumPANCAKES
Cosmodome stadiumSPACEBALL
Dodge City stadiumWILDWEST
Gridiron stadiumKLAATU
Maddenstein stadiumCOUNTMADDEN
Nile Hi stadiumDENILE
Salvagefield stadiumTETANUSHOT
Tiberium stadiumFEEDTHELIONS
Tiburon stadiumWEPUTITTHERE
Tiburon Bros. stadiumCOTTONCANDY
Xmas Rush stadiumXMASGIFT
1972 Steelers teamDONTGOFOR2
1972 Raiders teamGETMEADOCTOR
1976 Raiders teamGAMMALIGHT
1976 Patriots teamHACKCHEESE
1981 Dolphins team15MOREMIN
1981 Chargers teamBUILDMONKEYS
1985 Dolphins teamCHICKIN
1985 Bears teamDOORKNOB
1986 Browns teamKAMEHAMEHA
1986 Broncos teamBLUESCREEN
1988 49ers teamCALLMESALLY
1988 Bengals teamPTMOMINFOGET
1990 Giants teamPROFSMOOTH
1990 Bills teamSPOON
1995 Steelers teamSTEAMPUNK
1995 Colts teamPREDATORS
1997 Packers teamTUNDRA
1997 Broncos teamEARTHPEOPLE
All-Madden teamTEAMMADDEN
All '60s teamMOJOBABY
All '70s teamLOVEBEADS
All '80s teamBIGHAIR
All '90s teamINTERNS
Industrials teamINTHEFUTURE
Junkyarddogs teamMADMADDEN
Madden Millennium teamTIMELESS
Marshalls fantasy teamCOWBOYS
Monsters teamKTHULU
Mummies teamWRAPPEDUP
NFL Millennium teamALLTIMEBEST
Praetorians teamDOASWEDO
Sugarbuzz teamTREMENDOUS1_2
Toymakers teamXMASFILES

Note: If the defense gets a sack, that same team will get 2 points. If the defense gets an interception, the team will get 1 point. The defenses get no points for forced fumbles, fumbles recovered, blocked kicks, or tipped passes. You will know that the game has put up points on the board when a "boing" sound is heard after a sack or the interceptor is tackled.

Gameshark Madden NFL 2000 Hacks
Home Team Scores 080071FA2 0000
Home Team Scores 9980071FA2 0063
Home Team Score Modifier80071FA2 00??
Away Team Scores 080074DA2 0000
Away Team Scores 9980074DA2 0063
Away Team Score Modifier80074DA2 00??

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