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London Seirei Tantei-Dan Cheats


Gameshark London Seirei Tantei-Dan Hacks
One Fight For Level-Up800D1254 03E7
Max Money800B83E8 E0FF
800B83EA 05F5
Max Refund Points800B83F0 C350
1st Character
Max HP800B5ADE 03E7
800B5AE0 03E7
Max MP800B5AE2 03E7
800B5AE4 03E7
Max Status800AB372 FFFF
800AB374 FFFF
800AB376 FFFF
2nd Character
Max HP800B5BA6 03E7
800B5BA8 03E7
Max MP800B5BAA 03E7
800B5BAC 03E7
Max Status800AB3B6 FFFF
No Enemies30032584 0021
Fast Level-Up80022782 2400
Infinite SP During Battle8001B246 0040
Item Codes (Caetla Users Only)
All ItemsB0300001 00000000
300B83F4 0063
All Attack ItemsB0240001 00000000
300B8424 0063
All Sub ItemsB0100001 00000000
300B8448 0063
All Weapon & GuardB0AA0001 00000000
300B8458 0063
All Other ItemsB0120001 00000000
300B850C 0063
All Item Set 1 (Press L2 + R2 + Select)D00AA860 0103
B0300001 00000000
300B83F4 0063
All Item Set 2 (Press L2 + R2 + Select)D00AA860 0103
B0240001 00000000
300B8424 0063
All Item Set 3 (Press L2 + R2 + Select)D00AA860 0103
B0100001 00000000
300B8448 0063
All Item Set 4 (Press L2 + R2 + Select)D00AA860 0103
B0B40001 00000000
300B8458 0063
All Item Set 5 (Press L2 + R2 + Select)D00AA860 0103
B0340001 00000000
300B850A 0063

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