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Largo Winch Cheats


Cheat Mode
At the main menu, press Select, Square(2), Circle(2), Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle.

Gameshark Largo Winch Hacks
Infinite Health800DFECE 0064
Infinite Bomb Timer800E3F2A 003B
Have Copied Doc.300A45F8 0001
Have Crowbar300A45E8 0001
Have Documents300A45F4 0001
Have Fuse300A45E4 0001
Have Gas Bottle300A4604 0001
Have Keys300A4600 0001
Have Radio300A45E0 0001
Have Safe Combo300A45F0 0001
Have Security Card300A45FC 0001
Have Security Card 2300A4608 0001
Have Toolbox300A45EC 0001

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