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Bonus Characters
At the character selection screen, highlight the normal version of one of the following fighters, then hold L1 and press any button:

    Evil Rugal Berstein
    '95 Kyo
    Real Bout 2 Terry Bogard
    Real Bout 2 Andy Bogard
    '94 Joe Higashi
    '94 Ryo Sakazaki
    '94 Robert Garcia
    '94 Yuri Sakazaki
    Evil Yashiro Nanakase
    Evil Shermie
    Evil Chris
    Real Bout 2 Mai Shiranui
    Real Bout Bout 2 Billy Kane

Gameshark King Of Fighters '98 Hacks
Infinite Health P1 (Press L1)D00CC2E2 FBFF
800C2748 0067
800C2762 0067
Max Special Power P1 (Press L2)D00CC2E2 FFFF
800C27E8 03FF
Max Special Gauge P13009D9C2 0001
Use Special Attack in Air P1800C26FC 9010
Easy Special Attack P1800C7180 0A08
800C7182 0602
800C7184 0804
800C7186 020A
300C7188 0006
Infinite Health P2 (Press R1)D00CC2E2 F7FF
800C2910 0067
800C292A 0067
Max Special Power P2 (Press R2)D00CC2E2 FDFF
800C29B0 03FF
Max Special Gauge P23009D9C3 0001
Easy Special Attack P2800C7398 0604
800C739A 0A02
800C739C 0408
800C739E 0206
300C73A0 000A
Slow Motion (Press R1 + R2)D00CC2E2 F5FF
8009D1F8 35CA
Infinite Time800C35AA 5900
Secret Ending Demo8009DA24 0102

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