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Jeremy McGrath Supercross '98 Cheats


Automatic Saved Game Loading
Enter "McGrath" as a case-sensitive rider name.
Cheat Mode
Enter "" as a case-sensitive rider name and save it to a memory card. Pause the game to access a cheat menu on the options screen. Besides the cheat options on that menu, highlight a single race then hold Square and press X to enable mirror mode, master 82cc mode, and unlock all the tracks in single player mode.
M80cc Bike
Finish a season in first place on intermediate mode.
Mirrored Tracks
Complete the season in first place using the reversed tracks.
Quick Start
At the loading screen for your track, hold R2. Keep holding R2, then accelerate when "Go" appears to pop a wheelie.
Reversed Tracks
Enter "showtime" as a case-sensitive rider name.
Yamaha YZ80 Bike
Finish the first race in first place on advanced mode.
Note: This will also allow a solo race against Jeremy McGrath.

Gameshark Jeremy McGrath Supercross '98 Hacks
Joker CommandD0088402 ????
Unlock All Tracks80077068 0009
Enable Reverse Mode80077062 0100
Press L1 to Make Your Curent Lap, Your Last
Press L2 to Use the Hidden M80cc Bike
D0088402 0100
80076F18 0000
3 Lap RacesD0088402 0001
80088A28 0102
4 Lap RacesD0088402 0001
80088A28 0103
5 Lap RacesD0088402 0001
80088A28 0104

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