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Bonus Cars
Defeat each driver in story mode to unlock a new car. Three more cars will be unlocked when story mode is successfully completed. Five more cars will be unlocked when story mode is completed a second time. One more car will be awarded when story mode is completed a third time. The final bonus car is awarded when finishing first in D-Check mode.
Bonus Tracks
Beat practice mode on the beginner, intermediate, and expert difficulty settings to unlock new tracks.

Gameshark Initial D Hacks
Infinite Points8008544C 0000
Infinite Time80193E6C 0000
Press Select For Speed BoostD00585B8 0100
80193F52 0140
Press Circle For Opponet Car DamageD00585B8 0020
80193C0A FFDE
Bonus Car80010AEC FFFF
80010AF0 FFFF
80010AF2 FFFF
80010AF4 FFFF
80010AF6 FFFF
80010AF8 FFFF

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