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Extra Lives
Immediately before losing your last life, press Start on controller two. Then, extra lives will be available for continued game play.
Infinite Continues
During the continue countdown, press Triangle + Select + Start for five more continue credits.
Note: The game will still count down from ten to zero after all continues have been used.
Level Select
Highlight "Start" and press Up/Left + Circle + Select. Then a menu will apear, allowing any level to be played, any of the four endings to be viewed, and a two player Vs. mode game to be started.
Slow Down
Pause the game, hold Triangle + L2 and resume the game.
Speed Up
Pause the game, hold Triangle + R2 and resume the game.

Gameshark In The Hunt Hacks
Infinite Time8007D96E 0086
Invincibility P18009714A 0101
Infinite Lives P1800DCD48 0005
Infinite Continues P18007DA68 0005
Invincibility P280097006 0201
Infinite Lives P2800DCD4A 0005
Infinite Continues P28007DA6A 0005

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