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Cheat Menu
Go to the options screen from the main menu and select "Pad Config". Then at the pad configuration screen, hold R2 and press Right, Down, Right, Triangle, X. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Now start a game and pause. Use the "Cheat" selection from the menu to access God mode, weapons, keys, and other options.

Gameshark Hexen Hacks
Infinite Health800C7F90 0064
800C7F9C 0001
Infinite Blue Mana800E7DC0 00C8
Infinite Green Mana800E7DC4 00C8
High Armor Class800E7C7E 01E0
Extra Weapons800E7DB4 0001
800E7DB8 0001
All Keys800E7DA0 FFFF

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