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Gameshark Grandia Hacks
Infinite Money80010164 FFFF
Time is Always 0:00:008003D684 0000
8003D686 0000
Justin Codes
Start at Level 993001026F 0063
Quick Level Gain800102A0 FFFF
Infinite HP80010278 03E7
Max HP80010276 03E7
Infinite SP80010284 03E7
Max SP80010282 03E7
Infinite MP Level 1300102A8 0063
Max MP Level 1300102A9 0063
Infinite MP Level 2300102AA 0063
Max MP Level 2300102AB 0063
Infinite MP Level 3300102AC 0063
Max MP Level 3300102AD 0063
Max Fire Magic Exp80010288 03E7
Max Wind Magic Exp8001028C 03E7
Max Water Magic Exp8001028A 03E7
Max Earth Magic Exp8001028E 03E7
Max Fire Magic Level30010298 00FF
Max Wind Magic Level3001029A 00FF
Max Water Magic Level30010299 00FF
Max Earth Magic Level3001029B 00FF
Max Sword Exp80010290 03E7
Max Mace Exp80010292 03E7
Max Ax Exp80010294 03E7
Max Sword Level3001029C 00FF
Max Mace Level3001029D 00FF
Max Ax Level3001029E 00FF
Max Str8001027A 03E7
Max Vit8001027C 03E7
Max Wit8001027E 03E7
Max Agi80010280 03E7
Max Exp800102A0 FFFF
800102A2 000F
Have All Magic/Moves After 1 Fight
(GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)
50000702 0000
80010288 03E7
50000701 0000
30010298 00FF
Sue Codes
Start at Level 993001036F 0063
Quick Level Gain800103A0 FFFF
Infinite HP80010378 03E7
Max HP80010376 03E7
Infinite SP80010384 03E7
Max SP80010382 03E7
Infinite MP Level 1300103A8 0063
Max MP Level 1300103A9 0063
Infinite MP Level 2300103AA 0063
Max MP Level 2300103AB 0063
Infinite MP Level 3300103AC 0063
Max MP Level 3300103AD 0063
Max Mace Exp80010390 03E7
Max Bow Exp80010392 03E7
Max Mace Level3001039C 00FF
Max Bow Level3001039D 00FF
Max Str8001037A 03E7
Max Vit8001037C 03E7
Max Wit8001037E 03E7
Max Agi80010380 03E7
Max Exp800103A0 FFFF
800103A2 000F
Have All Magic/Moves After 1 Fight
(GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)
50000602 0000
80010388 03E7
50000601 0000
30010398 00FF
In-Battle Codes
Infinite HP Character 1800C0980 03E7
Max HP Character 1800C0982 03E7
Infinite SP Character 1800C09EE 03E7
Max SP Character 1800C09F0 03E7
Infinite HP Character 2800C0B6C 03E7
Max HP Character 2800C0B6E 03E7
Infinite SP Character 2800C0BDA 03E7
Max SP Character 2800C0BDC 03E7

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