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All Mission And Training FMV Sequences
At the main menu, quickly press R2, R1, Square(2), Up, Down, Square(2), R2(2). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.
Hidden Motoko Kusanagi Picture
Complete all missions without continuing to view a bonus picture after the ending credits.

Gameshark Ghost In The Shell Hacks
Mission 1 Codes
Infinite Energy80120258 00C8
Infinite Grenades8012025C 0001
Mission 2 Codes
Infinite Energy8011F390 00C8
Infinite Grenades8011F394 0001
Mission 3 Codes
Infinite Energy80120C30 00C8
Freeze Timer80120C24 0DF7
Infinite Grenades80120C34 0001
Mission 4 Codes
Infinite Energy801227A4 00C8
Freeze Timer80122798 0DF7
Infinite Grenades801227A8 0001
Mission 5 Codes
Infinite Energy8011FD4C 00C8
Infinite Grenades8011FD50 0001
Mission 6 Codes
Infinite Energy801276E4 00C8
Freeze Timer801276D8 0DF7
Infinite Grenades801276E8 0001
Mission 7 Codes
Infinite Energy80125D04 00C8
Infinite Grenades80125D08 0001
Mission 8 Codes
Infinite Energy801204A8 00C8
Infinite Grenades801204AC 0001
Mission 9 Codes
Infinite Energy801249D4 00C8
Infinite Grenades801249D8 0001
Freeze Timer801249C8 0DF7
Mission 10 Codes
Infinite Energy80125084 00C8
Infinite Grenades80125088 0001
Mission 11 Codes
Infinite Energy80122F84 00C8
Infinite Grenades80122F88 0001
Mission 12 Codes
Infinite Energy8012BD50 00C8
Infinite Grenades8012BD54 0001
Training Mission Codes
Infinite Energy80117CD0 00C8
Freeze Timer80117CC4 0DF7
Infinite Grenades80117CD4 0001
Have All Movies80112736 0001
8011273A 0001
8011273C 0001
8011273E 0001
80112742 0001
80112744 0001
80112746 0001
8011274A 0001
8011274C 0001
8011274E 0001
80112752 0001
80112754 0001

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