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Cheat Mode
At the main menu, hold Left + Square + L1 + R2. If you entered the code correctly, the words "Cheat Mode" will appear at the bottom of the screen. Then, enter the options screen to access an invincibility and stage select option.
Extra Weapons
After completing a level and viewing the destruction bonus, quickly move to the exit. If done correctly, the screen will flash and you will hear a sound. Then a shotgun or handgun will appear when the next level begins. If the game is in two player mode, each player will receive either weapon.

Gameshark Fighting Force Hacks
Reverse Joker Command80093A10 ????
Infinite Health P1800B435A 017C
Infinite Health P2800B444E 017C
Infinite Credits80093D50 0009
Infinite Ammo Rocket Launcher800254D8 0000
800254DA 0000
Infinite Ammo Hand Gun8002540C 0000
8002540E 0000
Infinite Ammo Shotgun8002559C 0000
8002559E 0000
Infinite Ammo Cannon80025550 0000
80025552 0000
Cheat Mode80093D63 0002
Weapon Available800B4396 0000
800B4396 0001
800B4396 0003
Lots of Special AttacksD0093A16 FFFF
80024F3C 0000
80024F3E 0000

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